>> Friday, April 11, 2008

After some much-appreciated vacation time, I am back in the weather office today. My wife and I had the opportunity to take a cruise, and let me tell was wonderful. It was so nice just to be able to sit back and relax....not having to think about what you will do for your next meal, not having to worry about being somewhere at any given time, and just letting the great cruise staff take excellent care of you. It really was very mentally relaxing. We did not take the kids with us on this trip, so now I just want to turn around and take them on a cruise right now. In fact, we were trying to devise some way of just hiding out on the ship, having the kids brought to us, and staying on the ship for as long as possible. But alas, reality awaited.

So, we are thrilled to be back with the kids again, and it is always good to be home. And, as I often mention, I really do love my job and am very thankful to be able to do my hobby for a living. However, I won't lie to you....I sure wish somebody was going to turn back our bed tonight and leave little mints for us, and I wish I was about to head to the dining room for one of the seven times per day that I ate.

I want to thank Jeff Crum and the rest of the staff here at News 14 Carolina. As it turned out, we wound up being very short-staffed for the past week. I know several folks, especially Jeff, put in a lot of hard work for multiple markets this past week, and I really do appreciate it.


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