Brief wintry mix possible

>> Saturday, December 12, 2009

A cold, dry airmass remain in place around the region today. Clouds will continue to thicken today, and highs will struggle to make it toward the 40 degree mark.

Precip will begin to spread in late this afternoon, and for the I-85 corridor, I anticipate a period of sleet and rain before kicking over to all rain. As the rain settles in, temps in many spots will drop to around the freezing mark before slowly warming overnight. However, I don't think the I-85 corridor will see any overly significant icing. Once you travel into the foothills, the potential for icing is much higher.

It is a close call, and we will have to watch temperature and radar trends carefully as we head into this evening.

Rain will exit tomorrow morning, but some drizzle will linger with highs in the low to mid 40s.

Monday will be much milder and dry, and then rain arrives again Tuesday.


In the grips of an arctic airmass....period of freezing rain possible Saturday evening/ night

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

Temps plunged into the 20s this morning, and not only is the air cold, it is extremely dry. Dewpoint temps are in the single digits and could very well dip below zero at times today. That is dry!

Only low to mid 40s today, low to mid 20s for lows tonight, and then we watch for precip to approach late tomorrow and tomorrow night.

Still lots of question marks, but I still think the I-85 corridor could see at least a brief period of freezing rain tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. I don't anticipate a major event, but a glazing of trees and power lines and other elevated surfaces is possible in some spots.


Arctic air arriving.....weekend still interesting.

>> Thursday, December 10, 2009

A blast of true arctic air is settling into much of the eastern US, including the Carolinas. This is a very dry and cold airmass, and that could lead to some wintry weather this weekend.

Lots of good stuff in today's video....give it a watch!


Active pattern....

>> Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A dynamic storm system is impacting a lot of folks across the eastern US. Our day around here began with most temps in the 30s, heavy rain, thunder, and lightning.

Winds will be a problem today with gusts exceeding 40 and 50mph at times. Some trees and power poles will likely come down due to saturated soils.

Much colder air arrives tonight, and then we are still closely watching the upcoming weekend for a potential wintry mix.


Rain moving in.....watching Saturday....

>> Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A powerful storm system is rolling through the nation today and tomorrow. For our area, we will see rain arrive this afternoon and end tomorrow morning. The heaviest rain will occur tonight, and some rumbles of thunder could occur late tonight or tomorrow morning.

Much colder air will plunge in here by Thursday, and that will set the stage for a potential winter weather event Saturday. See the video for details....


Checking in....

>> Monday, December 07, 2009

I am off today, thus no video for today.

Last night was my oldest daughter's kids choir Christmas musical. They did a fantastic job, and we had a great time.

All in all, we are closing in on Christmas....and it is approaching at a quicker pace than I think a lot of folks are ready for. I love this time of year, and a relish every moment of it. As a kid, it seemed like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas equaled years. However, now as an adult, with kids of my own, it seems there are not enough days during the Christmas season to get all of the things done you would like to get done. So we take the approach of trimming down our plans to only the things we really want to do and really focus on enjoying the season with one another.

In terms of the weather, we have a big storm system that will roll through mid-week that will bring us rain. Behind that system, true arctic air will move in by Thursday. This is the real deal in terms of arctic air. The models, as you might expect, are not in complete agreement, but it sure looks like we have a good chance of precip overrunning that dome of cold, dry air around Saturday. There is certainly some wintry weather potential in the big the threat is remain a question mark, but it has my interesting piqued.

I will be back in the office tomorrow, and I will have a new edition of the video posted by 6am.


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