>> Friday, April 20, 2007

I was shocked to hear the news about WBTV's Melissa Greer passing away this morning. It had seemed that she had been doing pretty well, but then a sudden turn for the worse happened very recently.

I am just sort of numb hearing of this news. Melissa and I attended Mississippi State University together. She got her first television weather job at WCBI-TV in Columbus, Mississippi, and my first television job was at WTVA-TV in Tupelo, Mississippi....both part of the Columbus-Tupelo television market. Melissa was a gifted meteorologist, and she quickly moved on to bigger things, eventually winding up in Charlotte at WBTV.

Even though we had not really been in touch in years, I sort of feel like I have lost a family member tonight. I was completely shocked and greatly saddened to hear the news. Melissa was a wonderful and kind person. Back in college, I always remember her having a smile on her face, and she always carried herself in a positive way. It seems all of her trials over the past year or so only strengthened her faith and her Christian walk, so at least in that, I take comfort.

My most sincere and heart-felt sympathies and prayers go out to her family and friends. May the peace and comfort of the Lord rest over you.


Wednesday Check-In

>> Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fairly quiet day in the weather today. Some showers will be possible this evening, then some scattered showers and storms look like a good bet tomorrow. Due to the atmospheric profile aloft, it will be rather easy for any storms tomorrow afternoon to produce some hail.

The weekend will be great with lots of sun and highs in the 70s. A big warm-up is coming next week with highs returning to the 80s at least by Tuesday.

I mentioned in the previous blog post that I was thinking about taking the kids up to the mountains Monday. Well, due to the intense winds, I was leaning toward not going. Then, as I am in the other room Monday morning, I hear my wife say "Something's wrong with this faucet." Then I hear a loud POP. I said, "yep, something is definitely wrong now!" The pop was the sound of our kitchen faucet breaking. Even though this had occurred, I was determined to spend some time just me and the kids since I felt like I had hardly seen them for the past 5 days. So, off the four of us went to Lowe's to pick out a new faucet. After that, it was off to the mall to let the kids play and then walk around the mall some. Then it was off to McDonald's for lunch and to continue to let them play. We had a lot of fun. Monday evening the new faucet was put in.

My oldest daughter turns 4 this weekend, and we are having her party Saturday. So, I spent the day yesterday getting the house ready to host the party....cutting all of the grass, getting the swings ready to go, cleaning out the gutters (not really party-related, but I was on a roll). Busy day, and I was pretty tired afterward. But, there is nothing like getting a glass of tea and pulling the lawn chair up on the freshly-cut lawn.

Everyone have a great Wednesday evening!



>> Sunday, April 15, 2007

What a week! 3 days of severe weather chances. 2 double-market duty days. I am beat.

I always love watching the snow fall up on the High Country Web Cams, as it is tonight. Good stuff. If I can muster up the energy, I might take the kids up there tomorrow to see probably the last significant snowfall for a while.

Colder air pouring in. Temps have dropped like a rock....there was even a little sleet mixed in with the rain in Hickory this evening!

Everyone have a great night!


2:25pm Update

Tornado watch continues at mid-afternoon. However, dewpoints are now dropping into the 50s for the Charlotte metro area, and the severe threat is winding down. Anson and Richmond counties need to continue to kepe their guard up.

This has the potential to be a long afternoon up toward the Triangle.

Pretty amazing looking at regional temps. Atlanta is at 44 degrees here at 2pm!


Midnight Update...

Since a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for York and Mecklenburg counties early in the evening horus, the storms around here have settled down and a good, soaking rain continues in many places. It is looking more and more like the severe weather threat is winding down for the night. However, with that said, there is still the chance for a few strong to severe storms as stronger dynamics come into play later tonight. Keep those weather radios on tonight just in case.

All in all, we will certainly take the rain, and if we can continue to get it without any big severe weather problems...amen to that.


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