>> Sunday, April 15, 2007

What a week! 3 days of severe weather chances. 2 double-market duty days. I am beat.

I always love watching the snow fall up on the High Country Web Cams, as it is tonight. Good stuff. If I can muster up the energy, I might take the kids up there tomorrow to see probably the last significant snowfall for a while.

Colder air pouring in. Temps have dropped like a rock....there was even a little sleet mixed in with the rain in Hickory this evening!

Everyone have a great night!


Anonymous 9:32 PM  

Sleet mixed in with the last batch that moved through here in western gaston matt.

Anonymous 8:39 AM  

Those web cams need a "cam heater." Classic example of fair weather technology.
Tell you a story about a hospital in your area that installed the latest power backup system to keep their computers running. This was a fine machine run by a Caterpillar diesel engine all shiny yellow and new. Then, here came the December ice storm that paralyzed the triad region a few years ago. House by house, block by block the power went out, and finally the hospital power was the last to go as they were already on a dual power grid feed system.
Not to worry...the all powerful diesel generator would kick in - and it did. It worked famously until about 5 minutes later, everything faded to black...exit for the exit signs.
How could this happened?
That was a question that dogged the information technology and generator technicians for MONTHS until they finally figured out what happened.
Actually, I'll leave it there and see if you or anyone else would like to hazard a guess as to what else the weather conditions could have done to cause a perfectly operating generator to suddenly stop and not work again until after the melt...and then it worked like a champion.
True story.

Anonymous 10:55 AM  

Most of the webcams have been spun on their axis by the wind...even the Lake James cam off the mountain is staring at some nice wood siding!
Besides a heater, looks like a more aerodynamic installation is needed!

Matthew East 2:43 PM  

Thanks for the sleet report. That was a wild system to say the least!

Yeah, the web cams took a beating with those winds for sure. And, interestign about the generator. What was the cause?

Anonymous 8:23 PM  

The exhaust stack coming off the diesel generator has a debris flap on top.
It is the flapper that you see on big trucks that goes up and down when the engine revs...keeps the birds out for one thing.
Well, that sucker froze solid shut and choked off the engine.
Next day, temps warmed and the ice melted. When technicians arrived, the unit worked like a champ and it was months before they figured out the problem.
There you have it.

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