Cold air and clippers...

>> Friday, February 01, 2013

The door is open for clippers to continue to move into our region. One of those clippers has moved through this morning, and a little bit of snow did break containment from the mountains and made it into northern NC north of the Triad.

Radar shot from 5:30am:

It will be a cold day. A nice surge of arctic air will plunge in this morning just behind the clipper, and then we will only see afternoon temps in the 30s in many foothill and piedmont spots. Add in a stiff northwest wind....chilly.

Tonight will be very cold....many spots in the teens.

Another clipper will swing through Saturday night. This one looks a little bit stronger, so I think there is even a better chance of some light snow in some spots east of the mountains tomorrow night. Light is the key word here.... no big deal.

Temps remain chilly overall into next week. See the video for more specifics...


Back to cold weather...

>> Thursday, January 31, 2013

Please see today's video for a complete wrap-up of our departing storm system as well as a look at cold weather and clippers headed our way....

What a storm system. The system had all kinds of wind energy with it, and we had a lot of wind damage reports across the Southeast as the system moved through. There was also some tornadic activity, most significantly around Adairsville, GA. I posted some amazing video of that tornado on Facebook and Twitter yesterday afternoon.

The mountains have dealt with all kinds of flooding problems.....many, many mountain spots had issues.

Today, cold air has returned with highs in the 40s and gusty west wind. A clipper will move in tonight and bring some more snow to the mountains, and a few flurries could break containment and brush through the northern piedmont late tonight.

Tomorrow will be cold...lots of highs in the 30s with northwest winds gusty at times. Highs will be in the 20s at best for most mountain spots.

Another clipper will swing through Saturday night. That one might have a little better chance of producing a few flurries east of the mountains, but again, ti doesn't look like a big deal outside of the mountains.

We could wind up with a couple more clipper next week...see the video for more....


Severe weather potential today.... lots of wind...

>> Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Please watch today's video... I give you lots of graphics to go along with the discussion about our powerful system swinging in today....

A dynamic storm system is sweeping into our region today. Ahead of it, all kinds of warmth has arrived with daybreak temps today in the 60s in many places. Highs will top 70 again in a number of spots.

Showers are breaking out this morning in the mountains and foothills, and those will continue to develop into the piedmont today. The main line of rain and storms stretched from KY through middle TN into NW AL, MS, and LA at 5:30am, the time of this typing.

For north GA and the Carolinas, we will have to keep an eye on any of these discrete cells that develop today. Good shear values are already in place, and with the help of even a little instability, a few severe cells will be possible with wind damage and isolated tornado potential.

The main line of rain and storms sweeps through the piedmont this evening. I expect lots of wind with that line as well as an embedded tornado potential. Especially keep an eye on any LEWPs or bows.

Overall, it will be a windy day with piedmont sustained winds in the 15-30mph range and gusts over 40mph. Rain and storms will mix even higher winds aloft down to the surface.

Much colder air returns tonight, and we will have chilly weather with us right into early next week.

Please have a reliable way of hearing watches and warnings today and tonight as they are needed. And of course, we will keep you completely up to date on News 14 Carolina on television.


Dynamic storm system cranking up...

>> Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Please take a look at today's video. I have an in-depth look at a powerhouse storm system that will bring severe weather to parts of the Plains and Lower Mississippi Valley today, the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys tonight, and maybe our region tomorrow.

A significant severe weather outbreak is likely today and tonight in parts of the Plains and Mississippi Valley. Here is the early morning Day 1 outlook:

That system will spread eastward and move into the East Coast tomorrow. For the Carolinas, some showers are possible as soon as tonight, and then the bulk of the system will move through later tomorrow and tomorrow night.

Highs today will push well into the 60s, and then it could even be a bit warmer as that system arrives tomorrow.

This system will have tons of wind energy with it. In fact, the winds aloft will just be screaming overhead tomorrow. 850mb winds will exceed 60 and even 70 knots at times. Any showers or storms will easily tap those winds and mix them down to the surface.

It will be a windy day even outside of rain. I fully expect a good number of wind damage reports from across the region.

There is at least a small tornado risk as well. The limiting factor is instability, but the shear is through the roof. So we will see.

Chilly weather returns Thursday and stays with us through the weekend. A couple of clippers will move through as well and I will keep an eye on those.


Warmer weather headed in.....temporarily....

>> Monday, January 28, 2013

Here's today's video.....give it a look:

Our Monday began with some rain in some areas and temps near the freezing mark. In many cases, the temperatures remained just above freezing, however, a few places did see temps dip to or just below freezing, meaning some icy spots on roads were possible.

We will continue to see lots of clouds today, but it will be milder with highs topping 50 in many places.

Highs tomorrow will surge well into the 60s....even breaking 70 in some spots.

Our next big trough will swing into the nation's midsection tomorrow and then arrive at the East Coast Wednesday. This system could produce some significant severe weather over parts of the Plains and Mississippi Valley later tomorrow and then maybe toward our region Wednesday.

At this point, I am not overly impressed with the severe weather potential for much of the Carolinas. Instability will be lacking. However, it is definitely worth keeping an eye on. We will likely see a good round of rain sweep through later Wednesday.

Following that system, chillier weather returns for Thursday and continues through the weekend. A couple of clipper systems will move around Friday and another later in the weekend. At the moment, they look dry once east of the mountains, like most clippers. However, we will see if in future model runs either of them try to dig enough to generate any precip east of the mountains.


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