Lots of sun on the way...

>> Thursday, March 07, 2013

Here's today's video:

What a cold, snowy period it has been in the mountains. Here are some early snow totals. Some of this data does not include the additional snows from yesterday afternoon....

Maggie Valley: 8"
Buladean: 8"
Bryson City: 6"
Sugar Mountain: 6"
Beech Mountain: 5"
Cherokee: 4"
Blowing Rock: 3"

For many, this storm system delivered the nice snows as expected....such as up in WV and parts of VA. However, in some spots, it was a big failure...such as around DC. There, the maritime flow off of the Atlantic kept switching the snow to rain.

We are entering a stretch of very nice weather here in the Carolinas. Each day's highs will get a little warmer through the weekend, and all days will feature lots of sun. For the Piedmont, highs this weekend will warm into the 60s for most.


Big snowstorm for the mountains and mid-Atlantic....

>> Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Our low pressure will really crank near the coast today and bring a big-time snow event to the mid-Atlantic. Some spots in parts of WV, MD, and northern VA could easily see more than a foot.

Our nation's capital will get into the heavy snow as well, and if they stay all snow, they too might make a run at a foot of snow.

The snow will then develop further into the Northeast. How much snow places like New York and Boston receive will depend on how far north the area of low pressure tracks.

Up in the NC mountains, the snow will continue to fly today and tonight. This is a pretty impressive northwest flow snow event.

For the Piedmont, a few snow showers are possible today, and a couple of spots might receive a dusting. But this doesn't look like a big deal.

It will be windy today with some wind gusts upwards of 40mph. Winds will be higher in the mountains.

Delightful and very quiet weather is on the way as we head into the weekend.

See today's video for much more:


System arriving today...

>> Tuesday, March 05, 2013

See today's video for all of the details about our incoming storm system...

The big storm system that we've been watching for seemingly forever arrives today. Showers will spread through the Carolinas today, and then we will likely have a band of heavier rain this evening with a few storms possible too.

Up in the mountains, a brief bit of sleet or freezing rain is possible this morning before rain takes over today. Tonight, as colder air crashes in, some heavy snow will settle into many mountains areas. Winter Storm Warnings are up for many mountains counties.

This will be a big-time snowstorm for northern Virginia and much of West Virginia, and it looks like some pretty good snow could make it up into at least parts of the Northeast as well. 

For NC, some snow showers look possible near and north of I-40 late tonight and into tomorrow morning, and I could envision a dusting in a couple of spots. However, significant snow accumulations do not look likely. 

It will be quite windy as this low pressure deepens tomorrow....piedmont winds could gust over 40mph at times, and the winds will be considerably higher in the mountains. 


System headed in tomorrow...

>> Monday, March 04, 2013

Lots of ground covered about our incoming storm system in today's video....give it a look:

After some cold weekend weather, it will be another cool day today with lots of sunshine.

All eyes are on our incoming storm system. As I mentioned in my video, even though there have been some model differences and adjustments, I think overall, the handling of this incoming system has been pretty steady.

It looks like the powerful 500mb low will wind up tracking right across NC, and the surface low should basically do the same and then slow down and strengthen right near the coast and offshore.

The result should be a big-time snowstorm for the Virginias.

Accumulating snow will occur in many mountain spots, and a Winter Storm Watch is up for many mountain counties.

I still also think some accumulating snow could occur for areas close to the Virginia border (not much...but maybe a little)...and the odds are looking pretty good that the deformation band will pivot through northeastern parts of NC.

For the Triad area, it looks like the odds of significant accumulating snow area pretty low unless we see some drastic southward shifts in the modeling today and tonight. For Charlotte, it would take some even more significant southward adjustments.

The Triangle has a slightly better chance due to the possibility of that deformation band scraping through there.


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