Bitterly Cold Tonight

>> Friday, December 08, 2006

Wow. Today was the coldest day we have had in quite some time with highs only in the 30s. And get ready, it will be dangerously cold tonight. Look for teens across the entire News 14 Carolina viewing area tonight. And, I really would not be shocked is some spots made a run at the upper single digits tonight. Record lows will likely be set in most places tonight.

Tonight will be the coldest night of this arctic outbreak, but it will take a few days to significantly warm our overnight lows. In fact, I don't think we see a low warmer than the 20s until Tuesday morning, at the earliest.

Still looks like a wedge will set up Tuesday and Tuesday night as our next storm system is taking shape off to our west. But, still looks to warm for anything wintry as the precip arrives. I expect showers Wednesday before the system departs Wednesday night.

The computer models have been flip-flopping on whether or not a Gulf of Mexico low pressure area will develop late in the week. If it were to develop, we would see additional rain chances by Friday or Saturday. However, most of the 12z guidance has come into agreement that the upper trough will remain progressive, thus no cut-off upper low and no Gulf of Mexico surface low. I am buying the no-low scenario right now and keeping the end of the week forecast dry.

Gazing deeper into the crystal ball, I still think the weather around here will be on the mild side next week and likely the week after as well. By mild, I am talking about primarily above average high and low temps. Now, we are not talking about record-breaking warmth, but I certainly see no brutal shots of cold air for a couple of weeks after our current shots leaves.

By early January, and possibly as early as Christmas, I think the pattern begins to revert back to a colder one for the eastern U.S. But until then, I think any outbreaks of true arctic air will be confined to the western half of the country.



We are definitely in the grips of an arctic airmass today. Lows this morning were in the teens across much of the region. Up in the mountains, it was incredibly cold. Just before midnight last night, I saw the wind chill at Mt. Mitchell was close to an incredible -50 degrees! Looks like Grandfather Mountain had a low around 0 at the Nature Museum.

We will likely not get out of the 30s in most places today, and then tonight, we will see lows just as cold, if not a little colder, than what we saw this morning. New record lows will likely be set in many spots.

Every bundle up. Remember those pets.

I will be evening meteorologist in the Triad market today and tonight. Let's hope for a smoother night tonight compared to all of the technical issues of last night!



>> Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thought I would share this with you....

Currently (just after 9pm), the temperature is 4 with a wind chill of -14 at the Nature Museum at Grandfather Mountain. I would imagine the summit is close to sub-zero!


Technical Issues

Here at News 14 Carolina, we have had our share of technical issues this evening. We have been forced to go to back-up tape on a couple of occasions due to the HAL 9000 (the bohemoth that makes the whole thing go) acting up and not working properly. So, that is why you may have noticed some dated wording or weather material. At any rate, hopefully things get straigthened out soon....

On the weather front......brrrrr. Man, just opened the door outside of the studio here, and wow....I would say the arctic airmass is taking hold. Very blustery conditions out there now, and the mercury will continue to drop down toward the lower 20s tonight.

I still think most spots will remain in the upper 30s for highs tomorrow, then look out tomorrow night....widespread teens for lows are on the way. I have a temp forecast of 16 going for the Triad now in my overnight forecast package, and I believe Jeff has gone with 13 for the Charlotte market. Both would be records.

This is serious cold. Do not leave pets outdoors. Wrap up those pipes. And it seems like every time we get one of these cold weather snaps, unfortunately someone gets seriously injured or killed from carbon monoxide poisoning from trying to heat their home with something it is not designed for, such as charcoal. Please be careful.

Bundle up, stay warm. Warmer times are ahead. We should hit the lower 60s for highs early next week.

By the way, I get the feeling we will see a cold air damming situation set up as our mid-week storm system approaches. But, it looks too warm for anything wintry.


Blowing Rock

Looks like some snow falling right now up in Blowing Rock. Check out the webcam below....obviously, this is time-sensitive....

Actually, a number of cameras are showing the snow nicely right now....

Look at the cameras about Boone and Blowing Rock....


Wednesday Afternoon Post

>> Wednesday, December 06, 2006

First of all, thanks to all of you for checking back and keeping up with the blog. I am sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of days....lots of family things going on, such as my oldest daughter's school Christmas show last night.

At any rate, I am back in the saddle today, holding down the midday fort for both Charlotte and the Triad.

No late-week storm system to bring us any precipitation is coming, but a big-time blast of arctic air is heading our way. This arctic shot will only last about 48 hours, but let me tell you....this will be some of the coldest air you see this time of year.

The arctic air really plunges in here beginning late tomorrow afternoon. I think by Friday morning, temps will be near 20 degrees, and I think many of us will stay in the 30s all day Friday. A very cold night is on the way Friday night with lows by Saturday morning likely in the teens. In fact, as I am typing this I see the new 12z GFS MOS data has come in with a low of 14 Saturday morning....yikes! We could very challenge the record low of 16 Saturday morning set back in 1917.

Gazing into the crystal ball, I am sticingk with the idea of generally warmer weather next week and probably much of the week after. But, I also still think things are probably aligning for a return to colder weather around here toward the end of the month or early January. I have not gotten a good feel for when I think this will happen....give me more time on that one.


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