Technical Issues

>> Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here at News 14 Carolina, we have had our share of technical issues this evening. We have been forced to go to back-up tape on a couple of occasions due to the HAL 9000 (the bohemoth that makes the whole thing go) acting up and not working properly. So, that is why you may have noticed some dated wording or weather material. At any rate, hopefully things get straigthened out soon....

On the weather front......brrrrr. Man, just opened the door outside of the studio here, and wow....I would say the arctic airmass is taking hold. Very blustery conditions out there now, and the mercury will continue to drop down toward the lower 20s tonight.

I still think most spots will remain in the upper 30s for highs tomorrow, then look out tomorrow night....widespread teens for lows are on the way. I have a temp forecast of 16 going for the Triad now in my overnight forecast package, and I believe Jeff has gone with 13 for the Charlotte market. Both would be records.

This is serious cold. Do not leave pets outdoors. Wrap up those pipes. And it seems like every time we get one of these cold weather snaps, unfortunately someone gets seriously injured or killed from carbon monoxide poisoning from trying to heat their home with something it is not designed for, such as charcoal. Please be careful.

Bundle up, stay warm. Warmer times are ahead. We should hit the lower 60s for highs early next week.

By the way, I get the feeling we will see a cold air damming situation set up as our mid-week storm system approaches. But, it looks too warm for anything wintry.


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