Bitterly Cold Tonight

>> Friday, December 08, 2006

Wow. Today was the coldest day we have had in quite some time with highs only in the 30s. And get ready, it will be dangerously cold tonight. Look for teens across the entire News 14 Carolina viewing area tonight. And, I really would not be shocked is some spots made a run at the upper single digits tonight. Record lows will likely be set in most places tonight.

Tonight will be the coldest night of this arctic outbreak, but it will take a few days to significantly warm our overnight lows. In fact, I don't think we see a low warmer than the 20s until Tuesday morning, at the earliest.

Still looks like a wedge will set up Tuesday and Tuesday night as our next storm system is taking shape off to our west. But, still looks to warm for anything wintry as the precip arrives. I expect showers Wednesday before the system departs Wednesday night.

The computer models have been flip-flopping on whether or not a Gulf of Mexico low pressure area will develop late in the week. If it were to develop, we would see additional rain chances by Friday or Saturday. However, most of the 12z guidance has come into agreement that the upper trough will remain progressive, thus no cut-off upper low and no Gulf of Mexico surface low. I am buying the no-low scenario right now and keeping the end of the week forecast dry.

Gazing deeper into the crystal ball, I still think the weather around here will be on the mild side next week and likely the week after as well. By mild, I am talking about primarily above average high and low temps. Now, we are not talking about record-breaking warmth, but I certainly see no brutal shots of cold air for a couple of weeks after our current shots leaves.

By early January, and possibly as early as Christmas, I think the pattern begins to revert back to a colder one for the eastern U.S. But until then, I think any outbreaks of true arctic air will be confined to the western half of the country.


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