Sunday Evening Thoughts...

>> Sunday, December 10, 2006

A rather benign weather pattern is settling in across much of the eastern U.S. The arctic airmass that moved in a few days ago continues to modify, and I think most lows will be close to 30 degrees tonight. Highs return to the 60s tomorrow.

I continue to think that the majority of the next 10 days to two weeks will be mild for our part of the country. However, toward the end of the month, there are some signs that a colder pattern for our area will try to return . Give me some more time to analyze that.

On another note, I was disappointed to see our Panthers lose again today. I have become a pretty big fan, and to see the team struggling like they are is disappointing. However, I still think if the team can get it together and win out, the playoffs are still a strong possibility. But, another loss is probably the nail in the coffin. Fans, don't give up.....keep pulling for the guys....

I am wrapping up another work week for me tonight. I will be off for a couple of days....back in the saddle again Wednesday here at News 14. In case you haven't thought about it, Christmas is only 2 weeks away. Still a lot of Christmas preps for the East's, so a lot of the off days will be spent associated with that.

At any rate, if something catches my attention, I will post about over the next couple of days. Otherwise, see you Wednesday!


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