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>> Saturday, December 06, 2008

12z GFS looks like a nice scenario for snow in the Carolinas Thursday. But again, it is only one run of one model, and it will likely change. But, at least there is somewhat of an agreement amongst a lot of the modeling as of now that we will see a low pressure ride up near the coast late in the week. This would be after the rain Tuesday and especially Wednesday.

Again, no reason to dust off the sleds just yet, but things could certainly look a lot worse from this long away.


Anonymous 1:26 PM  

hey matthew,

yeah...things are starting to look up a little for snow lovers here in nc. ive been looking at all the models lately and they all seem to be trending towards rain for tues-wed with a change over around wed night through fri mornin as another low pressure develops to our south...sure hope things play out, but i must say, it is still a ways away...but it sure does look like the chances are getting better

Anonymous 1:33 PM  

according to that graphic....is that showing snow all the way down into southern alabama and georgia???? that would be awesome

Anonymous 2:09 PM  

Ok.... for us non weather geniuses can you explain that map to us. Like how much snow would that be if that map was correct and would I see snow down in Indian Trail?? Thanks!!

Anonymous 2:32 PM  

hey matthew,

hope your day is going well...im beginning to think modeling was a little off on temps today...if i remember correctly we were supposed to be bear 50...and currently at 230 we are sitting at 41....im out near belmont...just went out to grab some lunch and man it was cold...there was even still a little frost left on my car from last night....makes you wonder how well the models are handling temps for next weeks storm system

Anonymous 2:51 PM  



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