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>> Saturday, December 06, 2008

Good Saturday morning! Watching the clipper today....still think some flakes are possible across the Piedmont today. Nothing major, but something to watch.

Also, our Thursday system is still there in some form on most modeling this morning. Don't take to heart ANY details on next week's system just yet.

If you want to see something pretty, check out the global Canadian run from 0z today at 132 and 144 hours.

132 hour 0z Canadian

144 hour oz Canadian

Off to meet the coaches this morning for my daughters cheer leading. Then, back home for lots of football!

Looks like I am in the market for a new camcorder. My Canon ZR400 looks like the playback feature has bit the dust. So, any and all advice and suggestions are welcome!

If anyone sees any flakes later, let me know by comment here on the blog or by email if you don't mind.


Anonymous 10:57 AM  

ok...so....im a little confused by those models....is that showing a big snowstorm for us???? could you please explain a little bit about what those mean?

Anonymous 11:08 AM  

hey matthew,

does that canadian run look like a possible cad event...?

junior weather man 12:34 PM  


its brian, are the models showing snow?? i hope so... lol. could you go into a LITTLE detail about them? THANKS,

Anonymous 1:10 PM  

Just thought i'd let you guys know that the lunch time run of the gfs has the snow back in here thursday. According to the gfs it would be accumulating snow. BUT IT CHANGES EVERY RUN!!! I've been watching it all week and atleast every other run it moves the system so who knows.

Casey Pierce 2:48 PM  

Hey i am from the northern foothills in Lenoir NC and we had about 30 to 45 min. of snow flurries but the radar is still showing rain for some reason

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