Cold front moving in....

>> Thursday, December 04, 2008

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video.

A few showers are possible this evening and tonight as out next cold front pushes through. Behind the front, colder air arrives, and we will have a colder than normal airmass in place for a large portion of the next week or so.

Over the weekend, out clipper system is still set to move through Saturday night. A few snowflakes are possible in the Piedmont (and certainly in the mountains, snow will occur), especially from the Triad zones over toward the Triangle.

The big system is still on the maps for next week. The 0z and 6z GFS have indicated a mainly rain-producing system for the Piedmont. In fact, the 6z run really screams a severe weather threat around here Tuesday night.

This will be a complex system, and we probably will not know exactly how this one will evolve for several more days.

I am getting a strong idea that a very significant blast of cold air could push in here behind that system for the second half of next week. We will see....


Anonymous 6:11 AM  


Have you been noticing anything coming up for next Sat on the models? I've been noticing the past couple of runs it is showing some type of system. Also the system for next week, just when i thought we could be on to something, oh well sigh.......

heres keeping my fingers crossed for some accumulating snow.

Matthew East 6:14 AM  

Gerald....yeah, I have seen that system around 9 days from now. I think the pattern will be fairly active for us for much of if we can just get the cold air and a storm system to line up the right way....

Anonymous 9:58 AM  

You mentioned the significant cold air coming in late next seems like the mid week storm system would actually bring in that cold air. Is it possible that the cold air comes right on the heels of the we get a rain changing to snow event with the storm? It seems like it's REALLY COLD air too. Thanks.


Anonymous 11:02 AM  

shucks.....the video isnt working...

Anonymous 3:33 PM  

new gfs model looks to be leaning back towards a colder scenario...hope it continues that trend

Anonymous 6:26 PM  

and bu severe weather tis time of year yiu mean?...

Tyler Legg 9:55 PM  

The MOS data for Charlotte is really impressive...if I'm not mistaken, highs on Dec. 9-11 are going to be in the upper 20's to low 30's...are you seeing this, or am I reading the MOS wrong? Appreciate your time, THFF

Matthew East 4:54 AM  

Brad, yes that is a possibility. In fact, that is sort of what the 0z GFS shows today.

Video worked fine when I checked....must have been a brief Youtube problem.

The model will probably continue to jump around in terms of scenarios as the event draws nearer...lots in play for the model to try to resolve.

Sure, severe weather can and does happen this time of year.

THFF, I did not see any MOS data that low...can you show me what you were looking at?

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