>> Monday, December 01, 2008

Do you ever have one of those days where it seems you just need to crawl back in bed and start the day over again? Today has been like that for me so far.

Clock went off at its usual time this morning, but I was so out of it, I hit the snooze button twice instead of my usual one time. So, when I finally realize what is going on, I am running a bit behind. Not too bad, but just a bit. So, I go through the normal getting ready process a bit faster than usual. It is then time to head downstairs to cut today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video. Got all of the graphics saved, set everything up, and then cut the video. Went to edit and publish it and the audio and video are out of sync and messed up. Ugh. No time to re-cut the video as it is time to head into the weather office.

I get into the weather office, and I am beginning to put together today's forecast. I turn around from one computer to the next one, and uh oh....just turned over my big travel mug 2/3rds of the way full of coffee. Somehow it turns over at exactly the right angle for the lid to pop off and spill coffee all over the desk and down onto my pants.

What can you do? Oh well, must be Monday.

I will try to get a new edition of the video posted later today if time and software allows.

Very breezy today with southwest winds gusting 20-30mph at times. The weather will be cool and quiet through mid-week, and then an arctic cold front will move through Thursday. That airmass is of pure arctic origins, and it will likely bust a lot of the model numbers for Friday into the weekend. I will continue to go a good bit under the MOS guidance for temps late in the week.

And, I am still no more confident about any precip chances over the weekend or early the following week. Models are still all over the place. I think odds are some precip will occur at some point in there, but when, how much, and what type...I just don't know yet. Could wind up as mostly rain in the Piedmont, could wind up being dry.....but we will see. Just way too many question marks right now.

**6am update....just finished eating some oatmeal for breakfast, and I look down to see the huge patchy of oatmeal perched directly on my tie. Fantastic. I think it is nap time.....


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