>> Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A new edition of the video is available above. No real changes on my thoughts here....some light precip can't be ruled out over the weekend, but most modeling is on the dry side. See the video for details.... 


Anonymous 3:40 PM  

That video was great... pretty funny....you got invaded by your kids at the most inopportune time. Been there. It's hard to get mad at them when it's so darn funny. What would have been better though was if they started singing in the mike.

So getting back to SNOW discussion.....on a scale of 1-10, what's your thoughts on getting measurable snow in Charlotte the next few weeks? Not trying to pin you down or anything, but....yea well, I guess I'm trying to pin you down. For discussion sake.


Anonymous 4:35 PM  

Nice video Matthew ..as usual...but the "just out of bed girls" were the best part of my viewing experience today !

Matthew East 4:52 PM  

Anonymous....Haha....that's fine....always happy to have guests on the video with me. I am actually surprised the didn't start singing....As far as snow goes, I would probably place it somewhere between a 20-30% chance.....who knows though. Hopefully things will pan out.

Grandma....glad they brightened up an otherwise dull video!

Anonymous 7:44 PM  

Hey Matt what do you think of this?


Anonymous 8:49 PM  

hey matthew,

i saw matt morano's forecast for record shattering cold moving in for mid december...i was curious what your thoughts on this are, and if you agree, exactlly how cold do you think it may get?

junior weather man 9:56 PM  


its brian, i was wondering, i no you have suggested this weekend for being dry but i have heard from you in some ways and from jeff crum that we could see wintry precip. next week and weekend which i believe its the 7th-14th. i wanted to know if you had any answer to that relating to SNOW!! loved the video by the way....lol!!

Matthew East 6:29 AM  

That article was a pretty general one. He is just stating the NOAA winter outlook, it appears. If you look back at the ideas I put out there for the winter (issued on Halloween), I had below normal temps for November and December with near average precip, then above normal temps January and February with near to slightly below normal precip. With all of that said, it doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of getting things to line up for 1 or 2 good winter storms.

As for Matt Morano, I don't know what he said, but there is potential for lots of cold air at times in December.

Junior, next week will likely feature a big storm system affect the eastern US. It looks like mostly rain right now for us, but it might begin as a little wintry precip. Too soon to tell....

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