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>> Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video. Quite cold this morning with a hard freeze again taking place. In the video, I discuss the weather over the next week or so which will occasionally feature some precip chances.

Frigid start this morning....20s...even some teens in spots. 50s for highs though today and tomorrow.

The next cold front is slowing down bit on recent modeling, and it now looks like tomorrow night into Friday morning for the frontal passage here. Still looks like a few showers possible, but nothing overly significant.

Colder air arrives Friday into next week.

A clipper system will drop through over the weekend... I think a few flurries are possible later Saturday or early Sunday, but the system looks moisture-starved.

A more significant system will roll through next week. The GFS is one of the quickest with that system, moving it in early Tuesday. The Euro is much slower. Right now, looks like mostly rain, but I still can't rule out a bit of wintry precip at the onset if the GFS is correct.

Overall, I don't see any huge winter weather possibilities in the immediate future....but the pattern will be active, and there are lots of question marks, so stay tuned!


Anonymous 5:55 AM  


Is it me or does the GFS seem to be having a hard time dealing with the cold air so far this season. I've noticed it losing the cold air several times and only getting it back a few days before it arrives. For example next weekend last night it was showing cold for us and possible snow. Now it has the 540 line up almost into New England. I was wondering if its me or has if the GFS is having a hard time picking up on systems this year. Also thanks for taking the time to answer my questions it really means alot.


Matthew East 6:19 AM problem. Glad you got some snow!

Yeah, the GFS often times will struggle with the handling of arctic air, and it is certainly bouncing around all over the place with solutions later this month.

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