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>> Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Well, the 12z and 18z GFS sure came in with interesting solutions around here next week. Those runs produced a scenario that would be a good dose of rain and then a thumping of snow for the western Piedmont and mountains (mostly snow for the mountains). Below is a frame from the 12z GFS.

Exciting to look at, but please, let me caution you. For that scenario to occur, lots of variables have to line up in exactly the right fashion. It is certainly possible, but I would not plan on breaking out the sleds just yet.

No doubt something interesting to watch over the next several days. Bring on the snow!


junior weather man 9:28 PM  


Wow that system is interesting. I am hoping everything lines up together to get a great thumping of snow for us. We will def. see what plays out. On your views right now, what percent would you give us getting a thumping of snow next week with that storm system.
cant wait to see whats posted!!

Brian (junior weatherman)

Matthew East 5:56 AM  

Probably pretty low chances of an accumulating Piedmont snow next week. But you never know....lots up in the air with that system.

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