>> Saturday, January 19, 2008

Well, I am afraid our accumulations are just not going to be very significant for much of the area. That is definitely a real disappointment.

However, it was nice just to simply watch the snow fall. But that doesn't help with the kids wanting to sled and build snowmen. I know....I have three of them.

We will see snow continue into this evening and taper off with time. Some spots will pick up some mainly minor accumulations, but for the Charlotte and Triad regions, they look to be just that....minor if at all.

At least we can enjoy the falling snow this evening. Get a cup of cocoa, get a fire in the fireplace, and enjoy!


Anonymous 4:54 PM  

Still snowing in Raleigh, should taper off around 9ish I suppose. Nothing on the ground yet as the snow is very light.

Looks like this one was a downer, but at least we got some white stuff.

Tuesday looks like nothing serious right now, but Thursday, and then again on Saturday could be tricky.


Anonymous 5:05 PM  

Do you know of any good chances for snow in the future?

Anonymous 8:59 PM  

it never seems to fail everytime weather forecasters call for a snow around here it does the opposite. I live in kannapolis and there is nothing on the ground and we have only had light snow nothing even moderate. very bummed out about it i was really thinking this could be a big one but everyone was wrong. People in miss. and alabama got more then us. it is rare atlanta got it and we didn't. maybe next time only one person can decide what it can do.

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