GSP conference call

>> Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some notes from the conference call with NWS GSP....

This is mainly for North Carolina.....
They expect precip to arrive late evening as mainly snow. Precip changes to a sleet/freezing rain mixture by dawn. Then rain by late morning for CLT metro.

For Charlotte, the general idea is 1-2" of snow with .1" to .2" of ice.

They mentioned that they are blending the timing of the GFS/NAM and preferring the NAM thermal profile.


Anonymous 2:22 PM  

Matthew: Have your thoughts changed any after the GSP conference call? Do you think the CLT metro area still has a chance to over-perform GSP expectations? Thank you for your time.

Matthew East 2:33 PM  

I think we are pretty much in agreement.

There is always the chance, but I get the feeling amount of precip might be more of a limiting factor than temps in many spots. We will see. Also, the timing of the cloud cover arriving is not the best.

DoubleJ 2:42 PM  

Matthew, hi, I was wondering with this type of event, will it do any damage on the current drought we are in or not? Not sure of the ratios of frozen precip to that of rain. Thanks, JJ

Anonymous 3:11 PM  

Matthew i see that Dew point have not gone up and it still at 11 in Charlotte.Could this mean that Low temperature might make it all the way down to upper 20s when it start snowing tonight?

Matthew East 3:31 PM  

In terms of the drought, we should add between 0.5" and 1.0" liquid equiv....fairly helpful.

Yep, the key to watch will be wet bulb temperatures. The lower the dewpoint and temperature at precip onset, the better for seeing more wintry precip.

Anonymous 1:19 AM  

Hi,it is snowing in gaston county on HWY 321 outside of Dallas NC.on Harding is 1:17 am.

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