Wednesday evening...

>> Wednesday, January 16, 2008

All looks good for our winter weather event. I really don't have any changes from my earlier outlined ideas. 1-4" for much of the region, weighted more to the 1" category east of Charlotte and 2-4" west of Charlotte. Still looks like a period of freezing rain in the morning.

I just talked with a good friend of mine, a meteorologist down in Anderson, SC. He said the snow has been going fairly heavily there for a couple of hours now, accumulations have started, and sure enough, there is the expansion of the winter storm warning for his area from GSP.

By the way, in all of the hubub leaving work today, I forgot to pick up my microphone. So, unfortunately, no video this evening.

Enjoy the event folks! Be careful in the morning!


DoubleJ 1:50 AM  

Nice job Matthew on keeping all of us in the loop. You, Jeff, and the entire did an excellent job. Thanks.

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