Sunday morning....

>> Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our potential Thursday event is still there in most modeling this morning. It is still way too early for details, but the possibility of wintry weather over the western Carolinas still exists with that system.

Not much time this morning....getting ready to eat breakfast and head to church.

I will have more posts later today. The bottom line this morning is hope is still alive for snow lovers....nothing definite, but hope.


Anonymous 9:31 AM  

Is the GFS not seeing the cold air? Just looking at the models, the 540 line seems to far away?

Matthew East 5:47 PM  

Good question....The 1000-500mb thicknesses are just one of many tools to look at. With this type of system, I don't think the '540 line' is a good tool to use.

I would suggest using the 0 degree line at 850mb as a rough starting point and go from there. But keep in mind with this event, we will have some sort of wedge in place, so the low levels will be cold enough to support freezing precip even though the 850mb temps warm.

Does that make sense? If not, I can explain further....

This is all subject to change though. I will put a full post on in a bit....

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