Late Friday night....

>> Friday, January 18, 2008

Brain cells are about done for the night. However, wanted to throw a quick update up.

The 0z NAM shifted the heaviest precip farther south, but what do you know...the GFS all of the sudden shifted it a bit back north with its 0z run. So, while the NAM had been the biggest friend of snow lovers, it is now much lighter for much of North Carolina. Meanwhile, the GFS is a little heavier than previous runs.

Satellite and radar trends don't look bad at all for now for getting some snow in here.

My first reaction when I saw the NAM shift south was to back off on my snow totals. But based on how the radar and satellite look, I am going to let my going forecast ride and we can evaluate in the morning. Scroll below for my forecast ideas. For the time being, I will leave them as-is, but the 0z NAM didn't do us any favors.

I am off to bed for the night. Thanks so much for reading and blog record for hits today! Thanks!


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