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>> Friday, January 18, 2008

Just finished the conference calls with RAH and GSP. The general idea from RAH is 1-3" for the Triad, with more likelihood of the lower end of that range verifying. The Triad will go under a Winter Weather Advisory. RAH is siding more with the NAM due to its better handling of the 500mb features compared to the GFS.

GSP is going with a winter weather advisory for the Charlotte region for generally 1-3" of snow. Their thinking is 1-2" in Meck county with the highest accumulation (2-3") running in a rough line from Rutherfordton to Lincolnton to Salisbury.

I am just getting into the forecast package now, and I will update my thoughts later on as necessary. At the moment, I see no need to change my outlook given below. So from me, no changes as of yet.

Like I said, I am delving into it now, and I will update as necessary......


Anonymous 2:33 PM  

any news for the triangle area ?

thank you.

Matthew East 2:35 PM  

I believe that will be a winter storm warning area....somehow I missed that in my notes.

Anonymous 2:37 PM  

thank you.... checking in locally, but you guys dig into it, and give so much details thanks !!

snow lover in Raleigh, NC

Anonymous 2:43 PM  

Storm warning for the Triad or Charlotte?

Matthew East 2:56 PM  

No problem!


Anonymous 3:02 PM  

Matthew is there any chances that we could get much more snow in Charlotte then what the NWS is calling for right now?

Anonymous 3:07 PM  

Whats your prediction on totals for Raleigh?

DoubleJ 3:16 PM  

For the Charlotte/University area, I am starting to think we might miss on this. It seems this storm may track to the east, which is kind of typically of Charlotte winter weather, likes to tease, and then move away. I hope I am wrong, but it does not feel that great right now. Anyway, thanks Matthew for all your work in keeping us updated, and at least this is January, so we still have some time if this does fizzle out.

Anonymous 5:43 PM  

Yep, starting to not even look good for us in Raleigh. Be lucky to get 3 inches out of this, but thinking more like 1-2.


Anonymous 5:59 PM  

Matthew i was wondering if you can please explain how the NWS is just calling for 1-2 in Charlotte while the weather Chanel and also WBTV is calling for 5 in Charlotte.Is everyone watching and using the some models

Anonymous 6:26 PM  

Hi Matthew

I noticed almost everyone forecast high temperatures of 50-52 for Friday in charlotte but we only made it to 40 . Would that have any effect on our Saturday snow?

Anonymous 6:28 PM  

I was also watching WBTV and TWC and they both are calling for 5 inches, if not upwards of 6 here in Charlotte. Where does this heavy snow band seem to be and roughly when. I'm starting to think this will turn out to be more heavy and significant after all, and most folks will have a stand at seeing 5 inches of snow. What are your speculations, and are the modeling trends starting to become more generous to the southern Piedmont and Charlotte areas?

Jamie 6:40 PM  

I looked at the other two blogs and they are both strange, and a bit arrogant! Yours is much more welcoming, straight to the point, and very informative!


Matthew East 6:59 PM  

Thanks for reading and commenting. I have just posted my latest thoughts....really unchanged from earlier.

In terms of other stations and the NWS, every meteorologist looks at the data and makes the forecast to the best of their ability. In this type of situation, you could probably put 10 meteorologists in the same room with the same data and get 7 different solutions. It is just a very difficult forecast.

The NWS is expecting a good amount of melting as well as lighter precip amounts than the NAM is indicating.

In terms of the models, they are still all over the place at this late hour.

And in terms of the high temps today, I really don't think that will have a big bearing on tomorrow's snow. I don't think temperatures will be the big potential problem is precip amounts.

Jamie 9:28 AM  

As a blogger I know how difficult it is to keep an updated blog and you are doing an amazing job!

We appreciate your dedication!

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