Much chillier....fin and game potential ahead....

>> Monday, January 03, 2011

Here is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video....give it a look.

After a brief reprieve from the very cold December, we are now heading back into a pattern that, frankly, looks a whole lot like what we saw for December. It will be chillier the next few days, and then it looks to get quite cold again by the upcoming weekend.

This pattern is absolutely loaded with potential for winter weather lovers. Will the potential deliver? Who knows....but snow and winter weather least you are in the game, right?

Let's take the next few systems one at a time....I will call name them by letters for ease in future discussions....

System 'A'....this is a weakening southern branch system that will move through the region Wednesday night into Thursday morning. The amount of precip that makes it up into NC is very small, if any at all, on most modeling. However, I will say that a few flakes are possible in NC or northern SC early Thursday AM, but the bulk of that precip will probably stay closer to I-10.

System 'B'....This is a potent clipper system that will drop in Friday. The Euro has gone nuts with an exceptionally deep system, but it is more extreme than almost every other model, be it operation or ensemble. This has the potential to be another one of those clippers that produces snow east of the mountains, but tough to get excited over clippers before you can see the whites of their eyes. But be aware there could be a few flakes Friday.

System 'C'....This is a southern branch system that has the potential to bring snow to parts of the South and Southeast around Monday of next week. The Canadian make a 'miller b' system out of this...with a primary low going up west of the mountains and a secondary low popping near the coast. Taken literally, the 0z Canadian is a snow to ice scenario for NC. The Euro and GFS keep this as a 'miller a' system....Gulf low that rides up off the Carolina coast.

I would lean more with the miller a scenario as of now. Be aware that this one could trend in either direction. We could see the huge vortex off the northeast coast squash the system as it approaches the Carolinas. Or, we could see the vortex left out sooner, indicating a farther north track. Or the timing of it could be all off and there be no system in this time frame at all.

And I don't think that is the end of the line....more potential fun and games lies out there later in the month, if the overall pattern holds.

So, nothing at all for snow fans to get fired up about yet, but we are entering a loaded mine field of a pattern.


Anonymous 6:19 AM  

Matthew that CMC really got my attention on the 00z run I mean like you said Miller B and those surface isobars showing good CAD something deff have to watch but as always I will tune into you on here so keep up the great blogs Matthew we love love em.


Matthew East 6:54 AM  

Thanks Nic. Fun times ahead...

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