Happy New Year!

>> Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy new year to you and yours!

Limited on time this morning, but what a foggy start! Some of the densest fog I have seen in a while in parts of the Piedmont. Showers will develop in today and continue into tonight.

Yesterday did indeed feature a pretty nasty severe weather outbreak. One especially nasty storm rolled through central Mississippi. Here is a velocity image from that storm....

Watching how things will unfold next week. A lot of the modeling has switched around to the possibility of a system late Wednesday into early Thursday. Not totally sold yet, but we will see. The bottom line here is that potential for fun and games is alive and well as we head into January.

I will take the normal detailed look at things Monday morning....look for a new video and post at that time.

Have a great day....oh yeah, and Go Bulldogs! Beat the Wolverines in the Gator Bowl!


Anonymous 4:53 PM  

Happy New Year to you, Matt, and your family as well! Hope you and your family enjoyed the first day of 2011. Looking forward to continuing to keep all of us well informed of all the weather events upcoming this year!


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