Christmas weekend storm system slowly pulling out....

>> Sunday, December 26, 2010

I hope everybody had a great Christmas. Many folks around the region got the treat of a white Christmas, although around the Charlotte metro, it took until evening to get the snow in.

The big coastal low continues to rapidly strengthen this morning, and it will continue to lift slowly up the coast. The band of moderate to heavy snow on the backside of the low will continue to gradually lift east and northeast out of the Carolinas, but it is a slow process.

All totaled, the Charlotte metro looks to have 2-5" or maybe 6" in some spots. For the Triad, 4-8" looks to do the trick, although there are some localized variations. The Triangle area looks like 5-9" with even some higher totals possible in a couple of spots. The system will even end as snow for the Outer Banks. This might be one of those rare systems where every NC county at least sees snow.

It will be very cold and blustery today and tomorrow. Highs will struggle to make it above the freezing mark today and tomorrow, and lows tonight and tomorrow night will drop into the 15-25 degree range around the Piedmont.

A big warm-up is on tap later in the week though with highs by the New Year in the 60s.


Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 9:28 AM  

Merry Christmas, Matthew!

I had just under 7 inches when I went to bed last night at 11:30. I've got a little over that amount now, with very light snow falling. I can't remember the last time snow lasted for this long. We're over 24 hours now! It's beautiful!

Matthew East 10:59 AM  

Very nice!

wgbjr 11:44 AM  

Thanks for all your work with this system Matthew! It worked out for us snow lovers after all. Got 6-7" in my yard in Concord, depending on where you measure. Very healthy snowfall for this area, especially starting on Christmas!

DoubleJ 11:52 AM  

I'm in North Charlotte, got 5 inches, and I'm pretty happy. Overall this turned out to be a very good snow, though the heavy stuff did hold off til overnight. Thanks Matthew for all your hardwork on this. Couldn't have been easy.

jtomlinwx 1:02 PM  

In West Iredell there's 7-8" snowed steady from 9AM yesterday until 11AM this Morning.

Shannon 1:08 PM  

Matthew - Thanks for all your hard work on this storm...I measured 7.5inches on my car here in Claremont!

DoubleJ 10:17 PM  

Well I certainly will not complain about snow the rest of the winter. At least we did get one solid hit, and if we are lucky enough to get another one, its just gravy.

Jeremy 11:18 PM  

6-7" fell in Rockingham County. It snowed about 22-23 hours straight. This was a great storm! Thanks Matthew for all your work with this one. You always do a great job explaining everything.

Anonymous 5:42 AM  

Like you said Matthew these La Nina winter can bring BIG snows, although harder for them to come together still history has snow La Nina years can be big snow too


Matthew East 5:49 AM  

Thank you for all of the kind words. I appreciate it! I am glad so many that wanted it got a nice winter hit.

Obviously, lots of winter fact, it is just beginning. So we will see what the future holds...

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