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>> Saturday, May 10, 2008

Big severe weather outbreak will unfold this evening from portions of the southern Plains through the Tennessee Valley, Lower Mississippi Valley, and Deep South.

Around here, we might see a couple of shower or storms late tonight, but the big show will be tomorrow.

Some of the latest modeling has come in with a more significant severe weather potential for North Carolina than some of the previous runs. It will all depends on how the drier airmass (which is punching into the state now) interacts and moves as the area of rain and storms moves in tomorrow morning.

At this point, I expect a round of rain and storms to sweep through tomorrow morning. Some of those storms could be severe. We might catch a break around early afternoon before another potential round of showers and storms moves in later in the day.

I do think we have the potential for some severe weather. How great that potential is will depend on how several small scale feature set up tomorrow morning.

In short....keep those NOAA weather radios handy and active tomorrow...and we will be staffed and keeping you up to speed as need be on News 14 Carolina.


Anonymous 7:31 PM  

wow those poor people in eastern ok and western ar ive been looking at the storms there and they seem to be getting some really strong tornados im wondering if that system is gonna be just as strong when the storms come through here also matthew how are they dynamics looking for this one even if temps are on the low end are the upper level dynamics still going to be strong enough to support vertical development i saw some reports that CAPE dont in ga were between 1500 and 3000 how is it shaping up for our area tomm?

Matthew East 11:11 PM  

Yeah, unfortunately the fatality reports are beginning to come in from that way.

Our atmospheric setup will all depend on how much wedging occurs and where it sets up. If we have steady rain all morning, the spots in the wedge might remain locked in it for a while....we will see.

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