Active night winding down...

>> Friday, May 09, 2008

Thursday evening into tonight turned out to be very, very active for the Triad viewing area. Many, many thanks to Jeff Crum for feeding me lots of good information (as well as water and cookies!). Also, Ryan Sloane, as well as all of the guys involved with production in Raleigh and Greensboro, did a fantastic job gathering information and keeping the ship running smoothly. That makes my job a piece of cake.

Numerous reports of damage have come in, and it sounds like the Advance and Clemmons communities were especially hard hit. Lots and lots of power outages fact, over 20,000 at one point just in Forsyth County.

Showers and storms will diminish tonight.


Anonymous 9:39 AM  

I live in the Piedmont and didn't get to see your coverage, but good job! Jeff Crum spoke highly of your efforts on his blog.

Anonymous 4:07 PM  

Great job Matthew!!!

Matthew East 9:37 PM  

Thanks very much for the kind words!

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