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>> Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Above is a new edition of my weather video.

There are a couple of events on the horizon in our weather that bear close watching. First of all, as I am seeing things this morning, the synoptic scale setup looks pretty favorable for a chance of severe weather around here late Thursday and especially Thursday night. A weakening 500mb trough will swing just to our north as an area of low pressure approaches from the Tennessee Valley. Severe weather will be a possibility over parts of the Deep South Thursday and then spread into the Carolinas Thursday night. That will be one to keep an eye on.

Secondly, another strong system looks to drop through here Sunday. The details are a bit more skecthy with that one, but overall, I do think Sunday bears watching for severe weather chances as well.

As for today, fantastic weather....get out and enjoy. And, get out and vote!


Anonymous 8:07 PM  

Just watched your new weather video - it was great! Some complex models I didn't really understand, but you did a great job of explaining it all. Thanks!

Matthew East 7:38 AM  

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Anonymous 4:18 PM  

You write very well.

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