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>> Saturday, December 04, 2010

First of all, regarding the clipper...

Light precip has streaked out way ahead of the main system, and a few sleet pellets or snowflakes are possible this morning in some spots. But the main part of the system comes through late this afternoon through this evening.

At this point, I think there is a pretty good chance that some areas along and north of I-40 will see some elevated surfaces whitened by this evening. This would be on the grassy areas, car tops, roof tops, etc....roads should not be an issue with ground temps still above 40 degrees.

South of I-40, the thermal profiles (as well as the fact that moisture looks to have a hard time making it up into the dendritic growth region per BUFKIT soundings) look to support some light rain, maybe mixing with or ending as a few snow flakes.

The long an short of it....not a big deal at all....but maybe a few lucky snow fans in the northern and northwestern Piedmont will see some elevated surfaces whitened by this evening.

Here is the big deal....the coming cold......beginning tomorrow and lasting through Thursday or so. This is a big-time, sustained blast of cold air. I still think many Piedmont locations will see highs shy of 40 for a few days during that stretch with lows in the teens and 20s.


Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 8:47 AM  

I can now say that I have witnessed my first snow flakes of the season. It began about 8:00 AM and snowed for roughly 20 minutes this morning. It was very fine, dry flakes, and it was beautiful while it lasted!

Matthew East 9:09 AM  


Greg 12:05 PM  

Saw some snow flakes this morning around the Lake Wylie area while running a few errands (around 8:30am). Just cloudy and cool now.

Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 1:14 PM  

Heavy snow began at 12:30. Massive golfball size flakes. It was beautiful. As of now, heavy sleet has mixed with the snow. Precip rates are incredibly heavy right now. It's shown on radar too. All mulch beds and leaves are covered with snow and sleet right now. The back deck has snow/sleet all over it.

What a welcome surprise from a clipper?!! If I understand the system correctly, the heaviest precip wasn't even supposed to occur until this evening and tonight. Radar shows precip still stretching all the way back past the Chicago area at this time.

Anonymous 1:23 PM  

Hey Matt!
Snow is on its way! I live in Hyde County in the Coastal Plain and the models have been showing snow for us(especially the NAM) but not the local meteorologists? Do you think we may end up with measurable snow?

DoubleJ 1:40 PM  

Sleet is happening up here on Mallard Creek in Charlotte right now, 1:40 pm.

sportguyshow 2:11 PM  

i just got back home from Foxhole Landfill which is just south of Ballantyne.When i was outside it was heavy sleet and rain and snow coming down.That was at 1:48

DoubleJ 2:12 PM  

It looks to be about done now, but glad I saw something given out winter prospects this year.

Anonymous 2:12 PM  

road slushy and bout an inch on bridges...grass covered in Scotts, NC:) it's over now though

Anonymous 2:38 PM  

Had a good dose of sleet there for about an hour. Slush in the grass and on the house...NW Charlotte.


Jeremy 2:59 PM  

about 1" of snow on the ground in Rockingham County at 3pm. been coming down pretty hard, about nickel to quarter size flakes. Roads are trying to get white, bridges are a little slick. looks awesome. is there a way to post pics on here?

Anonymous 3:04 PM  

Big Time snow for the Triangle, beautiful it is !

Matthew East 10:57 PM  

What a nice little early December event.....

Anonymous 11:46 PM  

Hopefully we'll get more of this during the coming weeks and months... the party has just begun... maybe I may not have to go all the way up to Virginia or Maryland to see snow after all?


Chris Enloe 5:32 PM  

Looking like another system will be moving in next weekend. Though that is a long time out, have you seen anything about it, and what are your thoughts?

Andy Wood 10:52 PM  

Hey everyone. My name is Andy Wood. I work for WHNS-Fox Carolina in Greenville, SC.

Fortunately, I am proid to call Matthew East a good buddy of mine as well as a fierce fantasy football opponent :). Matt will be out of town and out of cell signal for a few days so I will do my best to post a few tidbits while he is out.

To address next weekend's possible storm system... it has shown up on a relatively incosistent basis so far with both the European and GFS.

It does look like there will continue to be a "Greenland Block" and persistent western ridge allowing for a more cold air filtering into the southeast for the next 5-10 days.

I will have more tomorrow.

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