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Below is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video...

Cold air will be a common theme in our weather for at least the next week to ten days. The predominant weather pattern will feature a trough over eastern North America, and that will pull several re-enforcing blasts pure arctic air down into our region.

Today, a disturbance will move our way from the Plains states, but the system will be weakening as it approaches. So, while we will have a good deal of clouds overhead at times today, I don't anticipate any precipitation. It will be chilly though with Piedmont highs only in the 40s.

Weekend ahead...

Tomorrow should feature lots of sun, and highs will be a few ticks above today's values....upper 40s to lower 50s.

A 'clipper' system will swing through our region late Saturday and Saturday night. Typically, clipper systems do not generate much if any precipitation around the Piedmont. However, this one is pretty potent, and there could be just enough moisture available for the system to wring out a little precip.

So, at this point I will mention the chance of some light snow late Saturday and Saturday night, mainly along and north of I-40. South of I-40, maybe some light rain ending with a few snow flakes.

This does not look like a big deal....precip amounts look very light. However, we will keep an eye out to see if it looks like the system will tap any deeper moisture.

Next week....

It looks like 'cold' will be the dominant weather word next week. And I do mean cold. Highs on several days might not make it to 40 in some Piedmont areas, and lows most mornings will at least dip down into the low to mid 20s....and if we can get a night or two where winds relax, some teens are definitely possible.

As for the potential storm system, at this point it looks like cold will likely overwhelm the pattern in the eastern US, and the big trough will likely suppress any potential storm systems to our south. But we will watch to see if the trough will allow a system to get up our way at some point.


Anonymous 6:27 AM  

So is there any system showing up to produce snow anymore? at all? even like two weeks out?

Matthew East 6:35 AM  

Oh sure, you can almost always find a fantasy storm out there. On the 6z GFS, check out Dec 14.

Anonymous 6:42 AM  

Thank you so much! I really had my hopes up for next week :( oh well lol I'm seeing some mention of a REALLY cold rain next Friday...any thoughts?

Anonymous 6:51 AM  

Any chance that clipper system bombs out over the Atlantic and produces more snow?

Anonymous 9:11 AM  

Hi Matt,
I am from coastal NC and they said we have a chance of rain Saturday night even though we are north of the 540 line and along HWY 264. What do you think this event could yield for Eastern NC?

Matthew East 9:22 AM  

Hey now....I always try to keep hopes in check around here, but I am always presenting where there are opportunities. :-)

Yeah, if the clipper were to really bomb near the coast, that would put more snow possibilities out there for central and eastern NC.

For coastal areas, a lot will depend on how strong the system gets as it gets offshore. I would not rule you out there along Hwy 264, but of course, it is a challenge to get snow in there.

Of course, everybody east of the mountains could just wind up with clouds like happens most often with clippers.

Anonymous 9:32 AM  

Thanks Matt, I'm crossing my fingers! Snow in ENC in December is a rare occurence!

Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 9:54 AM  

The 06Z NAM indicated the dry slot in the lee of the mountains as is usually the case.

But, the 12Z NAM just came out, and it seems to have reversed course on that dry slot. However, having lived in the shadow of these mountains for 25+ years, I would call it a fairly uncommon event if I saw any snow out of this. Not that I can't keep hoping, though...

Anonymous 11:54 AM  

It's not going to bomb out and it surely is not going to snow. I don't see why you all think it is going to do so, unless you live in the high country, I would just expect cold and dry weather. Sorry.

DoubleJ 12:48 PM  

Ease up Anon-It probably won't snow, but why do you feel the need to call these people out?

DoubleJ 12:55 PM  

Take this with a grain of salt, but accuweather has snow for us on the 12th and 13th. Something that far out is destined to change, but its there for now.

Anonymous 1:44 PM  

I wasnt calling anyone out. I was just saying LOL. I'm just being a realist.

Anonymous 4:24 PM  

No you're being negative and don't crush these people hopes. There's no need to be a jerk.

Anonymous 4:44 PM  

No you're being negative and don't crush these people hopes. There's no need to be a jerk.

Sorry, are you 5? It's just snow for crying out loud. Yeesh. I was in no way being rude. Crushing hopes? Go look at the forecast and models. Im not the one crushing hopes.

Anonymous 5:56 PM  

ANYWAY, the 18z NAM has a good swath of snow for areas North of I40 in the Piedmont and Along and north of HWY 264 in ENC. Maybe this clipper can do something.....

DoubleJ 11:52 PM  

You guys want a laugh, he is what accuweather has for Charlotte on the 12th and 13th:

Almost 9 inches between the two days. Like that will happen, but still interesting.

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