Mid-afternoon update....

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A tornado watch has been issued for a good chunk of SC up into the Charlotte metro region of NC. The wedge has been successfully eroded away for most of the Piedmont, and the airmass is slowly getting more unstable. Most temps were in the 60s, and so were the dewpoints as of 2-3pm.

The sun is out in parts of GA up into parts of southern SC, and the airmass is rapidly getting more unstable there. Some of that unstable air will get pulled northward in the southerly flow ahead of the system.

The main band of rain and embedded storms will progress through the mountains and emerge into the foothills by early this evening.

Don't let the radar deceive you. The activity will probably not look terribly impressive as it begins to emerge out of the higher elevations. However, as the incoming dynamics interact with the more unstable air in the Piedmont and Upstate, the storms will likely intensify.

Damaging winds and a few tornadoes are the concern this evening into tonight.

Stay with News 14 Carolina on television for all of the latest information. And tonight is a perfect example of every home needing a NOAA weather radio.


~carrie~ 4:07 PM  

Thanks for the reminder. Our weather radio is a hand crank one, and I'm charging it up right now.


Matthew East 4:23 PM  

No problem! There you go!

Anonymous 8:19 PM  

Would you say by Thursday we will be back to sunny, dry and cold nights?


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