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>> Sunday, March 01, 2009

All right, slug of precip moving up from SC this morning. This morning, looks like rain maybe mixed with sleet for much of the CLT area. Up in the Triad, some freezing rain, sleet, and rain for a while this morning. Some icing is possible on elevated surfaces.

Big question is when do we kick over to snow? The sounding data for CLT is right on the line between a rain and heavy snow sounding this afternoon. When that changeover will impact total snow amounts.

I will not make any huge changes to my forecast. I still favor the corridor of portions of the Charlotte metro up into the Traid as the zone that sees the heaviest totals. But again, anyone in the Piedmont is fair game to get a decent snow out of this.

Looks like a general 3 to 8 inch snow, but in the band where the heaviest snow occurs overnight, 6-10" and even more is possible some spots.

Some thundersnow is also possible if everything sets up right, and if that develops, some really intense snow rates could occur.

As is always the case in winter weather events around here, it is tough to have a ton of confidence ahead of time. But that is how it looks right now.

By the way, incredible snow back around Memphis....10-20"!

Will head off to church this morning, then see how we are looking after that.....


Anonymous 7:22 AM  

got 6 hours of sleep ready to go. im ready to see it snow.weve waited all week for this so it better be big.

Anonymous 7:54 AM  

wow it is startin to pour outside.could have a couple of sleet pellets in it.cmon snow.

Anonymous 8:00 AM  

34 and pouring here in Chapel Hill!

Can't wait!!!

jtomlinweather 9:14 AM  

Freezing rain and sleet in Scoitts, nc. 31* here I hope we get at least six inches b/c I have waited five years on this storm.

Anonymous 9:36 AM  

They are really caooking for it to dump here in the Piedmont. Also, very concerned over possible power outages with the light ice followed with 20-30 mph winds and heavy wet snow... ouch!

Burgertime 9:59 AM  

I'm not a religious man, but how bout thanking the good lord for our chances while your there?

jtomlinweather 10:45 AM  

What are you thinking about snow drifts here.

Anonymous 11:44 AM  

Matt, check out the 15 RUC reflectivity images on RaleighWx's website. It absolutely destroys the area.


Anonymous 12:55 PM  

im ready for it to start snowin so i can go walk my dog. i cant do it while its rainin.

jtomlinweather 1:03 PM  

Is it just me or does the 12z run of the NAM have a heavier band from about Polk County to Greensboro at 7PM

Anonymous 1:54 PM  

The weather channel radar shows snow over Shelby but all I am seeing is rain/sleet mix.

Anonymous 2:12 PM  

"Matt, check out the 15 RUC reflectivity images on RaleighWx's website. It absolutely destroys the area.


Where do you find this?

jtomlinweather 2:13 PM  

snow and sleet in scotts, nc. There is already a coating. Coming down real hard right now

jtomlinweather 2:13 PM  

Roads are already covered

Anonymous 2:44 PM  

where is scotts, nc?

jtomlinweather 3:24 PM  

West of statesville

Anonymous 3:54 PM  

Okay, Matthew, You said not to say, "what are they saying", but to ask "what are you saying", so I am holding you to it : ) The kids are going to send you sad letters if they don't get to sled tomorrow!! Love your blog

Matthew East 4:08 PM  

I will try my best not to disappoint! I was just teasing with you.....please don't think I was really upset.

Thanks for all of the great comments guys! Keep em coming....

Anonymous 4:41 PM  

Hi Matthew i was wondering if you think this Strom will be like 04 where everyone is calling from anywhere 5 to 8 inches.And instead getting maybe 15-21.In 04 everyone was calling for 8 inches in Charlotte and instead of 8 inches i got 21 inches here in south east charlotte

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