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>> Sunday, March 01, 2009

The upper level low pressure has made the pivot down in Georgia and is beginning its trek northeastward. You can already see the deformation zone (band of heavy precip) setting up from Georgia into SC, and that band should park itself over the foothills and western Piedmont this evening into tonight.

Underneath that band, I still fully expect quite a few hours of moderate to heavy snow. Also, thundersnow will be possible, and some thunder and lightning has already occurred this afternoon.

I have no changes on my thoughts about how this system will unfold. I see no need to change my accumulation ideas. Anyone in the Charlotte and Triad viewing areas are fair game for 3-7", and I fully expect a strip where numerous 6-10" amounts could occur.

Amounts should be lighter toward the Triangle, but I will think some decent accumulations could occur.

The ground is wet and relatively warm, so it will take some good snow rates to get accumulation going. But I think it will.

I will be heading into town to get a hotel room this evening. I have to be on the air for the Triad market at 2am, and I cannot chance the roads being impassible. So, unless I get my hands on a laptop, this will likely be my last blog post until the pre-dawn hours.

Speaking of roads, if all goes the way I envision it, travel will be VERY difficult by late this evening, and the morning commute would be unbelievably tough. School systems will be making their calls as normal prior to dawn, and as always, I urge them to err on the side of caution.

Some power outages look possible. The winds have really been whipping around, and if we get that blanket of heavy wet snow in place, trees could very well come down.

We have all of the stops pulled out on News 14 Carolina. Tune us in...you will not find the level and scope of coverage we can provide anywhere else.

I have temporarily turned the comment moderation off....so fire away those reports, and be sure and give us your reports and photos at weather@news14.com


Anonymous 4:21 PM  

Radar is filling in SE of Shelby. I have a feeling it will start snowing here within the next hour.

Anonymous 4:36 PM  

The radar is not showing it.But something very light maybe snow is coming down in south east Charlotte

Jlowe 5:12 PM  

Pretty heavy sleet in Gastonia right now.

Anonymous 5:24 PM  

I sure hope it starts soon starting to have bad feelings

Jlowe 5:30 PM  

Sleet is now accumulating.

Anonymous 5:38 PM  

in concord, we still have...RAIN!!!

Anonymous 5:59 PM  

It has start snowing in south east Charlotte Also I just heard Thunder

Anonymous 6:00 PM  

So how is north of Chapel Hill looking?

Anonymous 6:00 PM  

Snowing in Grover, NC!!! Has been for the past hour or so. It gets heavy, then light, and sometimes is still mixed with sleet/rain. This is going to be fun!

Anonymous 6:13 PM  

Heavy sleet in Harrisburg, NC at 6pm

DoubleJ 6:21 PM  

The Snowy mayhem is finally started off of Harris Blvd. and Mallard Creek, in the University area.

jtomlinweather 7:03 PM  

HEAVY snow in scotts, nc(west of statesville)

Unknown 7:07 PM  

snowin strong in dilworth...accumulating on grass, parking lot, and cars

Anonymous 7:14 PM  

Heavy Snow in south charlotte we already have about inche and haif of snow.If this keep up with the way it snowing right now we could have a foot by the time it over with in south east charlotte

jtomlinweather 8:11 PM  

Heavy snow still. Acc.=.5 inch

Anonymous 9:02 PM  

Checking in again- Just wanted to say here in Grover, NC... we have upwards of three inches, close to four--- and it's not showing any signs of slacking up! This is so awesome!!!

jtomlinweather 10:47 PM  

A dogwood fell in my backyard
5" here in scotts

Anonymous 11:09 PM  

Hovering at 4 inches, can't get any more it seems because we're still above freezing, but it's still pouring down. Hopefully the temp will drop and they'll be some strong bands left to come.


Anonymous 12:56 AM  

4 inches here in Winston Salem.Good band moving through now and it's finally below freezing so we should pick up some more. I have heard some tree branches snapping with the wind gusts. Finally! A real snowstorm!!

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