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>> Thursday, March 05, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather it, I talk about the weather through next week and take a peek at the rest of March.

Chilly again this morning, but you can tell the warming trend has settled in. No teens out there this morning with the coldest Piedmont temps registering in the 20s.

The weather today will be nice with sunshine and some high cirrus clouds with highs in the mid to upper 50s. We remain above freezing tonight and then head up into the mid to upper 60s tomorrow.

The weekend weather continues to look wonderful with highs in the 70s and a good bit of sunshine.

Next week, a cold front pushes through later Monday. I will mention some shower chances at times Monday night through Wednesday. By late Wednesday, a more substantial cold front should swing through and bring our temps down to near or slightly below average for the end of next week.

Down the line, most of the teleconnections I use are suggesting a trend back to some colder weather for portions of the second half of the month.

We got one more morning in yesterday of some sledding and playing in the snow. The sun put a significant dent in our remaining snow cover yesterday afternoon. There was still tons of snow lying around at church last night. So we had another small snowball fight as we went to the car to head home. Good stuff.

Lots of new equipment and upgrades going on here at News 14 Carolina. Looks like our Charlotte studio got the new TV monitors installed at the chroma key yesterday.

Enjoy the day...


Anonymous 1:41 PM  

Hi Mathew. I was wondering if you think there may be any severe weather for us Mon- Wed of next week, since it will be warm and we have rain chances.

Matthew East 2:02 PM  

I don't think severe weather will be a problem at this point. The setup does not look overly volatile.

Anonymous 3:59 PM  

Im pretty sure were finished with wintry precip, but what do you think?

Anonymous 5:49 PM  

I think we are by this point, done with snow... next thing to start worrying about is tornado?


Matthew East 6:07 AM  

Yep, severe weather season right around the corner. But I think more cold weather is on the way at times this month.

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