Big warm-up on our doorstep...

>> Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Above is today's edition of the video....back in my regular routine this morning. I have some accumulation maps from our snow event right at the beginning of the video.

I sure have had a blast playing with the kids in the snow the past couple of days. They ALL like sledding, and we have done that a ton. I think we will get in a tad bit more sledding today before we lose too much of the snow cover. Also, several snowmen have been constructed. Fun times....I am sad to see the snow go....

However, if we are going to lose our snow (in the spots that still have it), we might as well enjoy some nice weather. And boy do we have that coming. Highs will get progressively warmer each afternoon into the weekend. Highs could hit 70 as soon as Friday, but certainly we will be well up into the 70s over the coming weekend.

So, we go from highs 20 degrees below average early this week to highs 15-20 degrees above normal this weekend....March in the Carolinas.

Talking with Jayden (oldest daughter) yesterday, it all of the sudden occurred to me....our baby's due date is now only 3.5 weeks away! Wow, amazing how that can sneak up on you (in my mind, it still seemed about 5 weeks away)! So, we need to get into our mode of getting everything prepared for having a baby in the house again.

Below are a couple of the pics of the snow around our house.


Tyler Legg 5:07 PM  

Is there still the possibility for another sizable snowstorm/icestorm as we progress through March?

Matthew East 6:16 AM  

Not sure how great the chance is yet, but I do think there is still some chance at seeing some more wintry weather simply because I don't think we are finished with the cold air.

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