>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

All right folks....I will have lots of details later on, and I will lay down some accumulation ideas, for better or worse, after I review most of the 12z data. I will also try to cut a video today if time allows. Check back a little later on!


Anonymous 9:11 AM  

Can't wait to get your take Matthew......

Anonymous 9:27 AM  

So Jeff Crum had the chutzpah to say parts of central NC COULD get a foot to two feet yesterday on his blog? He has some major guts.

Anonymous 9:45 AM  

Looking at the 0z Gfs, it's printing out a nice little dot of very heavy snow for central NC!

Or maybe I'm just an idiot.

Anonymous 10:32 AM  

Jeff was talkin possible 15 inches here in not sayin i dont believe him i just want to hear what you say about that.

Anonymous 10:55 AM  

hey matthew,

seems this thing has the POTENTIAL to be as big as 2004....what do you think is the likelihood of this occurring?

Anonymous 11:01 AM


Anonymous 11:34 AM  

Where is that for?

Anonymous 12:50 PM  

That is the NAM model surface output - add up the numbers in the snowfall column - this is what the model is predicting for Hichory (15.7 inches) - the same data adds up to 16 inches for Charlotte (KCLT)

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