Milder weather arrives....watching the weekend...

>> Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video. Lots of good stuff in there today....

Some VIRGA out there this morning....outside of a few sprinkles or flurries, no significant precip.

We will see some milder temps today and tomorrow....highs today top out in the mid 50s with low to even mid 60s tomorrow.

Our next cold front will drop in later Friday and bring a good chance of showers by Friday afternoon and evening.

I am getting a little more confident in how things will unfold this weekend. It looks like the front will stall just to our south while an area of low pressure begins to develop off to our west. That low will then ride along the front to off of the Carolina coast by later Sunday.

That will likely mean periods of rain Saturday into Sunday. As some very potent upper level energy dives into the area Sunday, there is a chance for a changeover to snow somewhere in the state before the precip ends. It is too soon to know whether or not any accumulation would be possible.

Keep in mind with this type of system that some major refinements might have to be made to this outlook. Please see the video for more details. Right now, I would put this more into the category of 'interesting' as opposed to concern over something major, but time will tell.


Anonymous 6:52 PM  

if its gonna snow, let it snow.if its not, then i am just gettin tired of cold rain.

jtomlinweather 9:24 PM  

I love snow and it just seems like the last four years have been major let downs. Everyone said that we were going to shake this pattern, but I think 2008-2009 can be put down as just another year in it. Hopefully this system Sunday will bring something wintry, but if you haven't notice there have been 3 systems just like this one, that at first showed up like a major event and wound up being nothing. The two "storms" we had this year were not predicted until 1-2 days before they happened, so I guess there is still hope in maybe one more "event" this season

jtomlinweather 9:25 PM  

Sorry I am being pessimistic, but I am just stating facts.

Anonymous 10:57 PM  

I had some friends who went up to W.Va to see some snow. Since my family and I had a baby we could not this winter, but maybe next winter, we may also have to make such plans - after all, N.C. is not know for a big snow event. Sorry for being pessimistic, but that's just the way things seems to be around here for snow.


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