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>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

All right, I have reviewed all of the 12z data that is in-house, and I have made my initial forecast on snow accumulations with our upcoming snow event. I have cut a special Saturday edition of the Carolina Weather Video, and it is posted above. Please give it a look.

Below this is my accumulation outline. The area inside the blue line, I am going with a general 3-7" snow with isolated higher or lower amounts. The area inside the white line, including portions of the Charlotte metro and the Triad, is my 6-10" area. Isolated lollipops inside that area could possible see over a foot.

Now, as I stated on the video, for some reason, one of the computer models loses some of the moisture aloft required for snow formation tomorrow evening. I don't think that is correct, but if it is, it would greatly reduce these amounts.

Also, the ground is quite warm, but assuming the snow gets heavy like it should in the deformation zone, that should not be a problem.


Anonymous 12:12 PM  

it says the video is not available

Anonymous 12:14 PM  

hey matt your videos not working

Anonymous 12:14 PM  


your video doesn't seem to be working

good write up.

-Western Stanly County

Matthew East 12:35 PM  

Should be working now....

Anonymous 12:37 PM  

hey matthew,

ya i dont think that issue with the nam is correct either. id look for it in the next run. nam had a burp yesterday too and then kicked back in line with the gfs lol seems to be plenty enough moisture around for snow all least from my opinion, however i am no meteorologist. thanks for the heads up :)

Anonymous 12:45 PM  

If i am correct it looks like you have Shelby in the edge of the white line. Am I correct?

The NAM and GFS to me show the heaviest amounts between Charlotte and Shelby all the way up to Greensboro. Am i right?

Anonymous 12:49 PM  

Is north of Chapel Hill included in the heavy band? Looks like it's on the border.


Anonymous 12:57 PM  

its showing that we will see haevy heavy snow at about 7 oclock that sounds good that gives enugh time for thr roads to cool off so the snow will stick to them

Anonymous 12:58 PM  


Anonymous 1:24 PM  

hi Matthew is south Charlotte area near Carolina place mall in south Charlotte also in the heavy band zoom?

Anonymous 2:38 PM  

hey matthew,

if this band of heavy snow does in fact set up over the charlotte area...what is the probability that we could see thundersnow?

Anonymous 2:40 PM  

Hi Matt i see on Jeff blog that he say that GSP does not plan to issued tonight a winter storm warnings Do you have any idea as why they won't issued a winter storm warnings tonight?

Anonymous 3:24 PM  

so matt,

looks like the I-85 corridor from the upstate to maybe huntersville and up to statesville is likely going to get dumped on huh?
LOL bout time!!

Matthew East 6:48 PM  

I think the upstate will likely do just fine with this system. is a possibility, but never likely due to its rare nature. If we do see convective development, the heavy totals will verify.

GSP not issuing any winter storm warnings tonight because most of the accumulation will not occur until '3rd period'....i.e., tomorrow evening or later.

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