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>> Friday, February 27, 2009

At this point, I think things are looking about as good as they can look two days out for the Piedmont of North Carolina....if you are looking for snow.

The models continue to slightly bounce around and adjust the exact placement of features, but there has certainly not been any trend away from accumulating snow potential today.

I will not put out any accumulation ideas until tomorrow. However, I still say somebody in the Carolinas, especially in the NC Piedmont, has a good shot of seeing a very significant snow storm.

Everyone is still 'in the game' so to speak at this point from the mountains over toward the Coastal Plain. However, if you pinned me down right now, I would favor the western and central Piedmont regions as having the highest potential for the heaviest snow. But of course that could change slightly with newer data.

Like I said, for snow lovers, I think things look about as good as they can look for 48 hours or so out from the event.


Anonymous 3:23 PM  

Accuweather.com saying 3.6" for Shelby, NC. Do you think we will receive more than this?

Anonymous 4:06 PM  

What do you think of this?


Anonymous 4:17 PM  

i have calculated the odds this is what i see.

99.9%chance of snow
35% chance of less than 1 inch
65% chance for more than 5 inches in the piedmont

Anonymous 4:27 PM  

I'm not Matt but I wouldnt be shocked at all to see easily double that in Shelby.

Anonymous 5:20 PM  

Accuweather.com saying 2-4 for Charlotte Matt we could get much more then 2-4 in Charlotte? also any Chance that will become a bigger event then 04 Snow Strom for Charlotte?

DoubleJ 6:22 PM  

18z nam was pulling back from heavy stuff. Not good, if this thing busts, I say, hello spring and get out of here winter.

Anonymous 8:25 PM  

18z gfs as well as other modeling still showing a solid hit...there had to be a burp in the modeling somewhere...just wouldnt be normal if there wasnt

DoubleJ 10:09 PM  

Yeah, latest modeling still consistent with a solid hit, so it had to have been a burp.

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