All eyes on the weekend...

>> Friday, February 27, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather weekend. LOTS of good stuff in there....give it a look.

Whew.....buckle up...a wild weekend is ahead.

Today, we will see some showers with an embedded storm possible today into tonight. Highs today will be in the low to mid 60s.

A strong upper level disturbance will close off into an upper level low as it dives into the Deep South over the weekend. That will cause some soaking rains to move through the Carolinas tomorrow into tomorrow evening.

Then, as that upper level low continues tracking eastward, we will see a period of snow likely across much of the region later Sunday into Monday morning.

I still don't have a lot of confidence in specifics in terms of accumulations, but some folks will likely wind up with the biggest snow event since February 2004.

This will be one of those deals where there will likely be a sharp gradient in the snow totals. Some folks will be very disappointed....some folks will be very happy.

All of this could of course change, but as of this typing, the models are in pretty good agreement. However, when dealing with upper level lows, you have to expect the unexpected. Stay tuned....


jtomlinweather 7:04 AM  

If you had to take your best guess off this model alone, how much accumulation do you see for Iredell County(western)?

Anonymous 7:11 AM  

Do you think the low will track farther north? Will the triad area see some action from this system?

Anonymous 7:39 AM  

I hate to ask questions too far in advance, but does it look like the western Triangle will get anything?


Anonymous 7:50 AM  

No School Monday!!!

Matthew East 7:54 AM  

I think anyone in the state is really still fair game for accumulation. I won't speculate on specific snow amounts yet.

Anonymous 9:23 AM  

I don't know, I see the modeling and I hear it...but I just don't buy it. This whole thing is predicated on these LOW pressure(s) pulling moisture off the Atlantic right? When do we ever get big snows from that historically? Usually our big snows come from cold air in place with Gulf moisture getting pulled up over us from the south....I don't think I've ever seen our moisture come from the east in a snowstorm. Just pretty hard to believe for me. Thoughts Mr. Wizard? I need some behind the curtain Intel...cause I'm thinking no moisture's going to be around by the time the cold gets here.


Anonymous 10:34 AM  


We would love to have some snow in North East Gaston County! The kids have their flying saucers ready! Please Lord, send us 5"!

We love your blog & are pleased to watch a weather man who loves the Lord!

The Biser Family

Anonymous 2:13 PM  

hey matthew, new run of the gfs is in :) what thoughts are you gathering on this run? just curious...seems like the best shot at a good snow weve had this least widespread snow anyways thanks

Anonymous 2:36 PM  

Brad, I think its you and your negative vibes that has brought it down this year. Keep thinking negative, and things keep going negative. I actually think this will at least produce some snow this time.

Anonymous 3:03 PM  

Your post Brad are annoying, all you do is disagree with everyone. Please stop.

Anonymous 3:39 PM  

Well, I guess you can call it negativity if you'd like, but I like to try to examine what's supposed to happen with known patterns, meteorology and historical occurrences. Again, I've never seen a big snow with moisture coming from the Atlantic (for Charlotte)....I hope I'm wrong, sorry for sounding negative. I like and want snow or I wouldn't be visiting the blog probably. But I do like to delve in to more information other than "Oh boy it's going to snow" and "Hey Matt, how much is it going to snow in my back yard". Just trying to understand more of the process.

Sorry for being annoying.

See Ya!

Anonymous 8:26 PM  

people say that we cant get much moisture from the atlantic ocean.But, when have we ever had the moisture come from the atlantic?i think we may actually be suprised how good this will turn out.

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