Sunny Friday...Questions Regarding Next Week...

>> Friday, January 09, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video. I really dig deeply into what is going on with some of the modeling for next week in the video, so give it a watch if you are looking for an afternoon nap.

Beautiful sunshine out there today with highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s after lows this morning in the 20s.

The exact timing of our cold front and its associated rain chances tomorrow and tomorrow night is still in question. At this point, I still think the main window of opportunity for rain will occur from mid afternoon through the evening time. So, that means we will continue to have to mention the chance of a shower during the big Panthers playoff game tomorrow evening. It should not rain all game, but a passing shower is possible with temps in the lower 50s to upper 40s during the game.

The computer models continue to really struggle with how things unfold next week, and they likely will continue to struggle for the next few days. For instance, our big snowstorm that was on the European model on the 12z Wednesday and 0z Thursday runs vanished with the 12z Thursday and 0z today runs. Why? It now brings in the upper level energy responsible for the possible system into the US around the Great Lakes instead of around Montana.

Much of next week's forecast all depends on the exact timing and track of these relatively small-scale features. So, we will probably continue to see the models bounce around through the weekend.

My thinking as of now is that it will get colder with time next week. We will probably have two (probably pretty weak) systems affect our around Tuesday and another one at the end of the week. For this morning's forecast package, I have mentioned some flurries on both Tuesday and Thursday. But just be aware that anything from very cold and dry to the possibility of something more significant in terms of wintry weather remains possible next week.

Again, see the video... a picture is worth a thousand words....


Jlowe 7:52 PM  

Felt great to watch my Gators win another title. Been through the hard times and the good times. This year turned out to fall under the good times category. Gonna miss Dan Mullen, maybe he'll set ya'll up for a good year in '09.

Keep up the blog. God Bless!

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