Mountain snow and games next week???

>> Thursday, January 08, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video. See it for lots of details on the upcoming weather pattern.

Today will be a much calmer day than yesterday. As I mentioned in my Twitter update yesterday afternoon, we unfortunately had a tree fall on the carport portion of our house. At the end of this post are a couple of pictures. I am very thankful, as it could have been a lot worse. My 4 year old was napping in the upstairs room just to the left of where the tree landed.

The NC mountains are picking up a solid snow event today with many spots seeing 2-5" before all is said and done. Around here, a few passing snow or rain showers are possible, but it will not be anything of significance.

A cold front will slide through later Saturday, and it looks like I am going to have to mention good chances for some quick-hitting rain by Saturday afternoon and evening. That also means that there is a pretty decent chance that some rain will fall at some point during the big Panthers game Saturday evening.

Next week, arctic air will take hold over much of the eastern U.S. In fact, I still think at some point we will likely see some pretty brutally cold air. The GFS continues to show chances of some light snow at times, but it is the last 2 runs of the European model that have been a dream for snow lovers around here. In fact, taken literally the 0z Euro today puts down over a foot of snow for much of the Carolinas next Thursday and Friday.

Will than happen? Probably not exactly as being currently shown, but there is a growing chance of at least some winter weather by the end of next week. Stay tuned...


Anonymous 8:34 AM  

So very sorry about the tree on your house, Matt. Glad to know everyone was okay!!

As for your video, sure brought a smile to my face! I was thinking a few inches would make me happy, I don't know how I'd act with a FOOT. It's fun to dream, and hold onto hope! Thanks for your time, and GOD BLESS!

Anonymous 8:40 AM  


Are you feeling ok?? A foot of snow on the model??? You may have what i do... snow itis... lack of snow makes you see things that really aren't there..

I'm glad you and your family are ok... thats the main thing.. material things can be replaced...

We will keep our fingers crossed for next week... it looks to be the time if we are gonna see snow...

Anonymous 8:48 AM  

Sorry about the tree and glad nobody was hurt....that's the ONE negative about living in a wooded area; there's always a chance one of those suckers goes down.

Why does that type of news just make me giddy? I'm SUCH a little kid. I guess we know the GFS's long range accuracy, now we'll see the EURO's!! Here's to hoping!


Matthew East 8:58 AM  

I appreciate all of your kind words. Thanks so means a lot!

Diane, the data brought a smile to my face too!

Anon....yep, taken literally, over a foot for much of NC...even a chunk of SC.

Brad, if the GFS was showing what the Euro currently was, I would be worried due to its normal southeast bias. However, this time it is not the case, so we will see....

Burgertime 9:56 AM  

Everyone cut footloose! Looks like the Euro is finally showing us some love...however as always living in NC you have to go long range with a heavy dose of skepticism.

On the tree hitting your house as the paramedic told me after being hit by a car, "you have a good story to tell your grandchildren". I think as long as no one is severely hurt it always turns into a good story to tell grandchildren.

Tyler Legg 9:21 PM  

DGEX model has a healthy looking snowstorm in line for the Piedmont. Looks like ALL snow...

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