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>> Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy day today for me, but one I am looking forward to. This morning, my oldest daughter has her first cheer leading game. This afternoon, we have our 4 year old's birthday party. Then of course this evening, the big Panthers game.

But I wanted to say that even though the computer models remain all over the place next week, my general thoughts remain unchanged. It will get colder with time as the week unfolds (in fact, wouldn't be surprised to see some single digits for lows and possibly highs in the 20s at tome juncture). And I think odds are we will have some kind of run in with wintry weather, even if it is not a huge storm. There are just too many clippers that will roll through. It would take some really bad luck for us not to get something out of one of them. But then again, in the snow department, bad luck is something we seem to have plenty of! But we shall see.....


Anonymous 10:31 AM  

My fingers are crossed.

Anonymous 11:39 PM  

Looks like plenty of cold air coming in for this week; now, all we need is some snowflakes falling down from the sky. Hopefully we will see some here in the Queen city.

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