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>> Sunday, January 06, 2008

I was off yesterday to celebrate Grace's, my middle daughter, 3rd birthday. It is amazing how quickly time flies. Family was in town and came over, and we had a good time. My oldest daughter is next in the East family birthday parade, and she has put in the request for a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. But we have a few months to get ready for that one...

On the weather front, quite mild for the next few days. Some lower 70s will occur in spots Monday and Tuesday. Enjoy! We don't get January days like this too often.

The storm track will shift southward by mid-week, and we will have several storm system roll through during the second half of the week. The first will bring some shower chances Tuesday night into Wednesday morning...maybe a few storms as well. The second system will bring some rain chances Thursday. Then a third system will probably impact the Carolinas around Sunday.

There have been some interesting model runs with the Sunday times indicating some wintry precip potential. The 12z GFS Sunday showed some nice snow amounts in the Piedmont as a low pressure tracks from the Gulf into the western Atlantic. The European model is just a little different....tracking a low into the Ohio Valley!

If you are hoping for wintry weather (and believe me, I would love to see it), I would feel much better if the European was indicating the southern solution. I have a sinking feeling this might be another case where we see the GFS adjust the track northwest with time as we approach the event.

So, at the moment, wintry weather is probably a long shot, but at least it is something to watch.

Have a great week!


Anonymous 11:34 PM  

Do you know of any other western NC webcam websites? The High Country Web Cam site has more dysfunctional webcams than working cams.
Morganton is down. Spruce Pine shows snowcover. Lake James cam is staring at a pier, etc. etc.
Hoping you have some others that are reliable.
Here is a good one in St. Petersburg/GoM that is darn close to streaming.

Matthew East 9:55 AM  

Unfortunately, I don't really have any other good webcam links in western North Carolina. If you find any, please let me know....

Anonymous 10:47 AM  

Thanks - LOL, the St. Pete webcam is down this morning *sigh*.
Suspect the main culprit is the lure of low cost/low quality webcam hardware.
I would accept an occasional advertisers frame if it meant the rest of the images were available.
Fingers and toes crossed for some wintry precip in the Piedmont next week - stuff I can see out my window and not rely on a webcam!

Unknown 6:47 PM  

There are webcams for western nc at

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