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>> Friday, January 11, 2008

Well, our Sunday system looks to bring us some light rain, possibly mixed with some sleet pellets or snow flakes, but it does NOT look like a big deal at all. This system just looks like it will wind up being to weak to bring anything significant.

But, keep your head up snow week looks very interesting. Most modeling is agreeing that we will have a system move through Wednesday or Thursday. Depending on the track, that one could produce some wintry weather. The last few runs of the GFS have indicated some major winter precip for the Carolinas from that system. So it is one to watch for sure. And, the GFS even brings in another system next weekend. We shall see.

I am still working on tweaking the videos. I am having problems with the audio being distorted and skipping some. I am using Windows Media Encoder, and if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know....


Anonymous 8:18 PM  

Man, you just made my day! I hope those snow chances play out unlike this coming Sunday storm, and we get some decent snowdays. A couple of inches of snow and a bit of ice, sounds good to me. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!

Matthew East 8:35 PM  

Yeah, I hope so too!

I just remember how good Sunday's system looked several days ago, so I am very cautious right now.

Anonymous 8:56 PM  

Do you really think the models have a good grasp on the Sunday system considering how many times they have flip-flopped?

Matthew East 10:40 PM  

I have no faith in the models right now. In fact, the latest NAM has come in with higher precip amounts. There could certainly still be some flakes....especially in the foothills and northwest Piedmont.

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