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>> Friday, January 11, 2008

The rain has exited out of the area this morning, and as I am typing this, the clearing line (talking about clouds) is steadily progressing through western North Carolina. So, we should see lots of sun by later today.

After reviewing all of the overnight model data, there really isn't one single model I have found that is still indicating a decent system for us Sunday. Almost all modeling now takes the system off the coast as a much weaker system than earlier indications were.

Frankly, this surprises me.

The system in question is just now getting over the upper air network, so I will leave my ideas alone until after I review all of the 12z model suite data this afternoon.

As it stands now, it looks like it is just about time to throw in the towel in terms of wintry weather hopes with the Sunday system. But like I said, let's wait until at least this afternoon to throw the towel in completely.

I haven't mentioned this yet mainly because I have been focusing these posts on the more short-term issues. But, I will say the pattern from the second half of next week on through much of the rest of the month looks very interesting. There will probably be a couple of system affect us toward the end of next week. The first one should move through late Thursday or Friday with a second one possible late next weekend. There will be some cold air around for those systems to potentially work with, so who knows.

And, as January unfolds, it looks like we might try to get into a split-flow pattern around the U.S. As followers of the weather know, that can often lead to some winter weather threats around here.

So, keep your head up snow lovers....maybe we can get one of these systems to line up for us sometime.....


Anonymous 6:21 PM  

I hope that we have some snow this winter.

Matthew East 8:36 PM  

Me too!

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