Note to snow fans....

>> Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Don't let your hopes and disappointments ebb and flow with each run of each model. This is another case where the models will not have a good idea of what will happen with the Sunday system until Thursday or Friday, so any one specific model run, at this point, is not a reason for celebration or disappointment.

What you watch for in this time-frame is TRENDS in the modeling, and frankly, to this point there hasn't been one. I am curious to see the latest European model run to see if it has any consistency with its 0z run last night.

At this point, I do think we will have a storm system affect the Carolinas Sunday into Monday. I don't think the models that are showing no system at all are correct. But, we could wind up in the 50s with rain or we could end up with snow flurries....or anything in between.


Anonymous 4:50 PM  


Thanks for the breakdown on the models and trends, we are keeping hope alive ..

Anonymous 7:37 PM  

What do you think will happen, and do you think it could be a decent ice storm? Also, any snow w/ this possible storm?

Anonymous 8:45 PM  

let all hope that if we do get snow. that it will be much more then just Snow flurries

Matthew East 12:49 PM  

Thanks....I am hoping for snow just like most folks are!

I just cut my new video and am about to post it...

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