Wednesday Quick Hit

>> Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Took a couple of days to back away from the weather a bit Monday and Tuesday. I still checked on things from time to time, but not with the intensity I normally would. I was mentally exhausted after last week's work. We had the little winter event Thursday, then swithed into full planning and coverage mode of the little event Sunday. Just needed a bit of time to breathe after that.

At any rate, cold is the word the next couple of weeks. One blast of arctic air moves in tomorrow, then another one early next week, and then another one moves in by the end of next week. The blast for the end of next week looks like the coldest one of them all, and it could feature some of the coldest temps we have seen in a while.

As for precip chances, to me, the northern branch generally looks too dominant over the next week or so to get any big systems going up the East coast. I can't rule out a few flurries at some point, but I am skeptical. However, I think there is some potential toward the end of next week and into the following week.

I would be surprised if we made it through mid-February without a good winter weather threat or two. But we shall see.

Everyone have a great day!


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