Saturday Evening Thoughts...

>> Saturday, January 27, 2007

Short on time tonight, so some quick hits here...

  • A little light rain big deal. A little snow possible in the mountains tonight.
  • Arctic front moves through tomorrow. Winds could be rather gusty out of the northwest, especially tomorrow afternoon. Up in the mountains, upslope snows will break out Sunday afternoon into Sunday night.
  • By Monday morning, I think many places will be in the upper teens if the winds die down enough.
  • Lots of cold weather next week...highs in the 40s most days and lots of lows way down into the 20s...even some teens possible at times.
  • Our next system looks to roll through Thursday into Friday. My gut feeling I am developing with this one is that it is primarily a rain-producer for us...maybe a mix at the onset of precip. But, still more questions than answers with this one, so stay tuned.
  • I still like the idea of a big blast of arctic air moving in sometime between February 3-6.


Anonymous 2:53 AM  

Matt, I dont know about you but I think the MOS products are seriously underestimating the cold coming monday. The 850's at my coordinates actually drop close to -18 at one point!

Also, the Canadian looks very, very promising.

Matthew East 7:34 AM  

Yeah, that is what instinct tells me about the MOS data in these situations. Normally, based on the data I am seeing, I would go below most MOS data. However, I am a little gun-shy this time around because of how we all got burned when the last cold shot moved in. I really thought most places around here would struggle to make it into the lower 40s last Friday....we see how that turned out. I will be in the office this afternoon and see how all of the data looks then.

The next system definitely bears watching because a lot of modelling is still struggling.

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